Wine & Scrape


Didn’t feel like taking out my cheese board last night….And I’m this close to drinking wine out of solo cups (not like I haven’t done it before) but I’m scared I might offend some readers…


I have this cheese wheel that I’ve used before. It sits inside my fridge, wrapped in a garbage bag. Whenever I feel like eating cheese I just take it out, cut open the garbage bag, and I’m ready to go. And after some scrapes I put it back in the fridge. Hopefully next week I do the hot pasta thing again.


….But I was quite sad to read one of my commenters say that only Mitt Romney could afford such a luxury (serving cheese out of a full cheese wheel). I have zero interest in Politics but I do know that Mitt Romney is Rich, White, and Republican…. I guess the only thing that is shocking about that post is that it’s so much cheese in one shot. But just think about how much cheese you buy each and every month, then out of the year. And just think about the margin the grocer slaps on every time a slice of cheese is cut from their wheels..You know this already but it’s always cheaper to buy in bulk. I guess I tend to buy leather in bulk so it’s not so weird for me to apply this thinking to buying cheese. But once you try it you’ll realize how comfortable it is to shop this way. I didn’t get the real Parmesan wheels of course because it’s too big for my fridge and to be quite frank a little too expensive but this wheel is reasonable. $180 for a whole wheel is really not bad…and it is delicious too. Now I see a lot of you girls buying designer knock off shoes on Asos for around this price too, I betcha anything this cheese wheel lasts longer than the shoe trend you just splurged on.