Why I don’t eat at SAUCE NYC

I give you lots of advice on how to live life, what to sew, and what to eat. So now I am posting, only because people on instagram are so ridiculous that they are begging me to post. It’s also friday so ask me if I give two fucks?

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Now on why I haven’t been posting…..

To be completely authentic with you…I have been struggling as of late. Not physically just out of confusion. I’ve been through some paralyzing bullshit. The last guy I dated for 7 months who I actually fell in love with hooked up with someone else and didn’t tell me. This was because I kept my legs crossed, the man’s got needs I cannot blame him…but…Is my heart not allowed some time for healing..I’m not a machine. Despite the fact that this guy was broke and a player, I was IN LOVE WITH HIM FOR SOME ODD REASON…And I will always remember him fondly….he is very handsome…I was so angry at him, but I understand it’s not his fault. This kid has dealt with hoes for so long, he didn’t know how to handle me. I forgive you, but I have moved on. I cannot go back to you, because I gave you a second chance. I know you mean well and I hope you find a beautiful wife to take care of you and your manly needs.

The second guy who pretended to be “inlove” with me on Instagram, restauranteur in downtown NYC had a girlfriend the whole time…I didn’t even know about it until later. And guess what. Some of my most loyal followers left a comment on this guy’s feed, cause they felt the love too. His girlfriend knows about me and is clearly stalking my page…yuck..! Does this man really think that he’s cool enough to obviously be having a young girlfriend on his side….and does he really think I’d fight for him? No way! I don’t fight for a place in a man’s life. I’m not going to “compete” with a girl in her early 20′s who is stupid enough to do what she is doing. I’m so much more worthy than that. I know my worth and I hope you ladies do too. This man is truly one of the most delusional kind. Your ego is OUT OF CONTROL AND I DO NOT WANT YOUR SAUCE PAL. You are not the kind of man who can have woman obsessed with you regardless of your behavior. I’M NEVER GOING TO SAUCE AND I HATE THE EAST VILLAGE !!!!!!!!! THANK GOD EVR RADIO IS GONE!!!!!! Thank god for instagram or I would be still stupidly “into” this guy. I don’t hate you. That’s not why I’m calling you out. I’m calling you out ’cause I heard you didn’t pay some korean waitresses? I’m not sure if you’re a criminal, or if you’re rich enough to lawyer yourself out of it. I’m not sure what exactly happened to make your wife divorce you. Why would she? She probably had to. Even a woman dependent on you couldn’t stand you. You deserve to be bankrupt. And Arina, it’s just too bad you can’t leave him even though he was completely “in love” with me the whole time. Oh it’s all fake though don’t worry he never had the intention of “pursuing me” in “real life” … Just on instagram… Too bad you were just jealous and you had to go on an emoji binge on his wall of photos … And it’s too bad your entire instagram is fake smiles. Lord knows you are nervous waiting for that ring. It’s too bad that you’re the girl he dates but I’m the woman he devoted his “instagram” to. Too bad he was STALKING the last guy I dated and slinging subliminal messages towards him. And now for the final blow, he is all yours girl, I’m never going near him. Think I’m going to battle it out for him? You have no idea what my pride looks like. Pride is a sin and it’s one of my weaknesses. Read this blog and figure out for yourself that men are not women. For the people wondering where I’ve gone, I’ve gone nowhere. I was so angry lately. I have been depriving everyone. I’m on instagram, if you want ideas follow me on instagram (name: luxirare) because I’m not sure if I will keep this up. Also about all the “hate” on instagram. I’m not a hater. I’m not a loser. I am never envious. I do it for my followers who need it. I do it to make them laugh. I am losing followers on instagram, because I’m trying to make other people laugh… Manrepeller, you just…you don’t know comedy…and please edit your writing. I do like Chiara Ferroni or whatever the heck her name is. Can someone hand me her loafers or nah…?

To the ladies and fellas who read this. You should chase your dreams. But don’t if you have to kick someone else under the bus to get there. Believe me, all of that glittering life is not worth it. Keep your integrity in tact. It’s the only thing that matters.

Now listen up all of you. I’m not going to only post pretty pics on here. You will have to take the sweet with the sour…or I will disappear off the face of this earth. Not kidding.

OH AND if you find his instagram feed, he says “I FEND OFF WOOD” and “I AM SO LAZY”. How bout you try slinging leather and selling it to your customers…without much help??? Do you call that LAZY FRANK?????