I’m starting out with a disclaimer. I hate disclaimers. But I’m doing one anyway. I truly don’t mean to upset my readers. If you are a huge fan of Kanye then by all means, do you. Do what makes you happy. You’re not going to agree with everything I share, but I sure hope most of the time you enjoy your time here. That said. My beef with Kanye is personal. It’s one I thought about for years, and over this time period my hatred has brewed into some very strong poison. I can’t fully understand why I can’t let this hatred go.

Years ago I mentioned Kanye West linked to my website through his “university” blog. My friend alerted me to this link as she was a huge fan of Kanye. Then a day later, he deleted this link. I had already gone ahead and shared this with my fans. I don’t understand why he discarded it. Why would you link to my website Kanye? Why not just ignore me altogether? And lastly. Kanye seems to love sharing things he likes, even if those people are brands are unknown. He had no problem making his love for “Seaofshoes” public. So why is Kanye “so afraid” of me? I’m nowhere near him in terms of fame and riches. It was not only strange but also disgusting for him to delete that link. That shows how weak he is as an artist. He’s not a man in my eyes. He’s more like a woman. I KNOW so many sneaky fashion bloggers. They know I exist and read my blog religiously, but consistently try to keep me a secret. But women are typically pathetic in this way, even though I’m not. I never expected THIS kind of behavior, from a man.

222 reasons to hate kanye west. Listen don’t hate the messenger! I didn’t even write this. Someone out in the world HATES kanye so much he started an angelfire and went ballistic. I can totally relate to this guy, whoever he is! I agree with most of the list. Here are my favorites.


What completely blows my mind is that he wants to battle COMMON. I ….I can’t. There’s no rebuttle here. I don’t have the energy to give you a closing argument on why that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

Lastly, I can’t understand for the life of me when Kanye randomly showed up to Dave Chappelle’s show. I feel like Kanye is like the guy that nobody wants to invite to parties so he shows up just to force people to like him or something. Like that annoying person in highschool that doesn’t understand..you’re just not that popular! Get over it!!! That’s kanye for me. Instead of staying true to his roots, he sold out and now has some guilt about it…you can’t take back those kinds of decisions Kanye..just live with them and try and recover, if you’re up to being a decent human being. Hey Kanye, did you know Chappelle humiliated you at Jimmy Fallon???? Kanye, if you’re reading this, I hope you know I still highly value you as the artist you once were. Now I don’t know what has happened to you but there’s always hope Kanye. You can decide to change, and live your life according to your artistic values and morals. I don’t care if you lied or did anything else, those are petty crimes, but how are you behaving nowadays is 100% sickening. I get nauseous, when I think of you.

FINALLY KANYE I HAVE NO CLUE if this is TRUE OR NOT but I heard a RUMOR that you have some side chick named PRINCESS PIA MIA? She has an amazing voice. I wonder what’s going on!!! I’m so curious. I mean how’s Kim though? And is Pia Mia just a friend or are you guys..you know? Just tell us.