Welcome to the fam

Every year I look for one piece of jewelry that I know I’ll wear everyday over t-shirts. It has to be kind of nondescript and boring so it can blend into everything I wear. Wasn’t at all happy with the offerings from Margiela the past two seasons so I had to look elsewhere. Also, don’t like to wear jewelry that looks too unique or weird anymore because it’s so hard to be casual with it, though I do love to look at dramatic looking jewelry, just prefer it not be around my neck or wrists.

I was happy with several rings I bought from Kiki de montparnasse years ago, so this year I checked their fine jewelry section again both in store and online, didn’t find anything that propelled my impulse to purchase. With an open mind and wishful mentality I combed through more of their e-commerce and I did see this, loved the overall aesthetic.. sort of just looks like a long bullet, really simple and sleek and nondescript. There was one problem, it’s a battery operated device, but people on the street don’t need to know about that. It will blend in with all of my outfits. I won’t be using it for it’s intended purpose but all that matters is that I like the look.




I ended up taking the battery out because it makes this necklace very heavy, and the chain is very delicate.



My KDM necklace is new to my small family of accessories…. This white gold/diamond rolex and diamond bracelet from Tiffany’s are both pieces that my mom gave me for my university graduation. I lose so many worthless costume jewelry pieces but if I lose either of these I’ll be really sad.



3 pieces of jewelry is just enough for me. The watch is something I consider more of a bracelet, because who needs a watch nowadays? Thanks for reading, more soon.