Weeknight Carb Free: Toro Sashimi Salad

Oh I tell you I try as best I can to keep my meals after 12 pm free of carbs. Lately it has proven to be very difficult, and you know how when the weather starts getting brisk you crave certain things, like cinnamon rolls at 5 pm…And a good handful of readers ask what to cook that is carb free, (or almost carb free). For this season I’ll try to come up with more recipes that are delicious, simple and carb free.  If you are not into the carb free deal, you can surely serve this with a side of rice, or better yet, french fries.


So below we start with some fine grated radish (easy to do) and radish sprouts placed on top.


From left to right, wasabi caviar, creme fraiche, a soy mixture including, ponzu, sesame oil, and some yuzu honey..Lastly, some yuzu juice. I add a little extra yuzu to the soy mixture. You can leave out the yuzu if you find it difficult to get your hands on some.


Dress the salad with the soy mixture.


Wasabi caviar mixed with creme fraiche.


This salad mixture is clean and refreshing.


Place toro on top, you see I have scored the toro.



The toro has been slightly cooked on top, you know how you finish a Creme Brulee, similar concept here.


There is some of that extra soy mixture on the side. This is a smart thing to do for serving guests because you never know if someone wants to have a saltier bite, you can leave that option open for them.


I like to add a little more wasabi caviar on top.


Okay, getting down to important things like white. This Robert Mondavi wine falls into a category; cheap wine that doesn’t suck. Knowing nothing about white wine, it helps to have such categories so I know exactly what to buy when I go to the wine shop. I am thinking about doing a post on cheap white wine that tastes great, so you can help me, leave some suggestions in the comments. So far we have Campogrande & Robert Mondavi. Not so varied.  Santa Margarita doesn’t fall into the cheap wine category at all.


And these wine glasses can be found at CB2, they are designed in collaboration with a New York based artist named Dan Golden. For a full range of his products check here. I have not been sponsored by CB2 to display these links. I just happen to love this collaboration. I kind of want to buy everything.


In one bite, you get that clean, refreshing taste of the grated radish, and the buttery toro..all dressed in this soy mixture…Let’s not forget that creme fraiche and caviar.