Weekday Entertaining


So it’s after 7, you’ve had it with just about everyone and everything. You wonder, I’m going to have to repeat the same set of actions tomorrow, and just the thought of that may haunt you on your commute back home. If you are planning to have friends over for the night, that just may be the silver lining. Consumption of alcohol, fat, and cheap gossip. But can you really be bothered to entertain? Probably not… Well let that attitude be reflected in the way you serve dinner. Entertain like you don’t give a damn, like you’re trying to impress no one.


And maybe I feel like all the other painstaking set up you have to do to make things seem presentable, yes well it looks nice, but it just means you’re a little more industrious than the next person. So what? Wouldn’t you rather make an impact with very little effort? For easy cleanup you can use a crumpled up brown sheet of paper. If someone doesn’t like it, well just point to the door. There is free cheese and white wine here and it will clearly be their loss.


I love this cheese, I wanted to use Parmesan but this is less saltier and smaller. You can afford to be crude when your ingredients are high quality.


…And this Campogrande wine (great price for the taste), I like Santa Margherita, but this is a similar quality and much cheaper. How many wine bottles you have to bring out, well that depends on your friends. Are they pseudo-alcoholics, or just alcoholics?



To start off, just peel off half of the cheese on top, so you have room to play. I use this tool for leather cutting, just washed it to scrape this cheese and it works very well. You can use knives that will work too.


Let the cheese just be the centerpiece of the table, and scrape off chunks.



Casually place the chunks on a bed of basil and thyme. This will allow each person to pick up a little of each herb’s scent as they eat the cheese. Now can a plate do that? We want to minimize the blow of a party cleanup, not maximize.




When I’m with my friends, we can easily blow through wedges of hard italian cheese. No problem. We don’t even bother with cold cuts.


For the second course, just bring out arugula, lemon, and some olive oil. For the last course, we need to scrape out the cheese even more to create a slight bowl shape..so this works perfectly.


Dress the arugula with olive oil that’s been infused with red pepper and garlic.


Now to create the bowl shape for the last course, just shave thin sheets of this cheese towards the center. The cheese you are scraping off now will taste better because it’s more moist. I like both, the dry and moist parts.





Now it’s time for business. Linguine. Get some chicken broth and white wine ready, well the white wine is already out and about all you need to do is pour it into the chicken broth which we’re gonna use to flavor the pasta INSTEAD of water for extra flavor.


Oh and remember that basil bed you used for cheese instead of the dish? We need that again..



Scrape a little of the cheese off before you put the pasta in. What I like to do is add a little chicken broth to the cheese bowl to loosen up little bits, then I add the pasta to finish. Scrape a little more after the pasta, and mix.


Scrape scrape!


The cheese will get soft and melt onto the pasta a little. It’s just heavenly. You might ask, well what do you do with this cheese after you’re done? Just put it into the fridge and take it out when you want to serve cheese bits and scraped pasta again. Easy. You can always use it, take it back out, etc.


Bringing out a knife and a board? Yeah, right. I’m using a weird knife here with four blades to make little basil strips to garnish the pasta. You can also add prosciutto but I really think the cheese is flavorful and salty enough.



Quite possibly one of my favorite dishes right now….If you’re one of those people that likes to just eat pasta with cheese and olive oil, this is just the heightened version.


Back to square one. Clean up, easy. Ready to throw out this brown paper.. On my last glass, and my cold pasta breakfast is ready to go tomorrow morning.


Done. Thanks for reading.