Wallet Necklaces

So, how was everyone’s New Years? All I can say is that I’m starting this year off slow and simple. This post and the design is pretty light but that’s exactly how I want to start off. I have some other projects I’m working on that are unrelated to this blog so give me some time to recover. Of course I would not abandon something that you guys have felt a connection to. I will be back in full swing soon enough. TRUST ME.



Okay, this might seem a little off putting to you all but I recently watched this REALLY awful movie. Even by my standards….. and I have a high tolerance for guilty pleasures, really really high tolerance. I can sit through Keeping up with the Kardashians and yes PEOPLE have threatened to abandon me as a friend for it. I forgot the name of this movie though, with Mila Kunis and JT. For some reason the bigger issues on feminism don’t get under my skin as much as the photo below… I mean they do but….casual things like watching a girl carry a huge bag while the guy has his hands comfortably slipped into his pocket bother me much more….My main point is though, why does Mila Kunis kind of look like an indentured servant next to Justin? He looks pretty smug and relaxed, but she is carrying this huge bag but I wonder what’s inside. Is she going on a trip somewhere? Did she just have a kid and are those diapers in the purse?


I already showed you guys the other wallet necklaces (the crocodile ones) and they were mainly created because of an occurring childhood problem I had. My parents used to yell at me all the time because I always lost my wallet. Why I lost it? Because I had to take it out of my purse, and then I left it out somewhere and forgot TO PUT IT BACK IN MY PURSE. It didn’t matter that they grounded me because it kept happening anyway, as I got into adulthood I started to just slip everything into pockets. This is a problem too because you start to forget WHICH pocket has what..right?







Same design guys, but this one’s got a key inside. All of the keys are slightly different for each piece because I used vintage keys.









I took the wallet off the necklace (because I designed these so you can do that) and placed it in my pocket..I have a dslr (D3 or D90) permanently attached to my hand when I’m either out at a restaurant or feel like shooting outside..so I really cannot be bothered with a purse.


This is how I roll most of the time. I have my iphone slipped in my pocket with earphones ready, and my wallet around my neck.


I’m so cash poor. It’s so bad- cash is still important to have especially at bars..and these necklaces are perfect for bar hopping too.. Of course girls should never have to buy drinks, but sometimes you go out with your girlfriends.


Another casual occurrence during the day. Picking up strawberries….My wallet necklace is ready to go, and it’s very easy to slip the credit card in and out. No hassle. No wallet to be taken out of the purse, and when I’m done swiping I’m ready to go. Life’s pretty easy if you use your brain.




To be honest tough, I don’t know how much longer credit cards will be relevant..even wallets in general.. You know that credit cards will probably be injected into our phones somehow. Only time will tell though! See ya guys later. All of the bags are available in the shop now.