Waffle BLT

It’s Friday, and I can’t make any crazy promises. That I won’t pick up some Moet tonight would be a lie. Or that I won’t start my morning off with a bang. And this morning I need this, a waffle sliced in half with bacon (almost burnt, crisp of course), lettuce, and sliced tomatoes. But I do promise that I won’t consume a BLT without KEWPIE Mayo.





I’m so ‘good’ at editing photos. It boggles my mind. Clearly I have no problem with looking at the same thing..over and over again.


I’m not supposed to ‘burn’ stuff but I like my bacon super crispy. Because soggy bacon is just the worst. The best bacon I found for BLTs are those packs you can buy at the market, they come pre-cooked separated in layers of parchment..they look kind of shrunken already? So when you cook them again it’s the second time around. Also these ones that come pre-cooked tend to be flat so it’s easy to place into sandwiches. This below needs to be served with a dab of Kewpie Mayo…I mentioned this before but you have to try this kind because it will be hard for you to go back to Miracle Whip or any of the other kind…