Vodka Mojitos by Luxirare


Mojitos are my favorite cocktail, but I know everyone has their own little spin. I don’t like too many flavor twists, I just like the classic recipe but with a little more mint infused simple syrup and more lime (I like them to taste really sour), oh and I prefer vodka instead of rum. Some recipes for mojito just call for confectioners sugar to sweeten it but I need to have the mint infused simple syrup and a good amount of lime zest too.

I’m using crystal head vodka (in the skull) for this recipe. The reason why I’m using this vodka is because there is very little burn as it goes down, the vodka flavor is almost flavorless which is great. You can really taste the mint and lime.


To prepare the mint simple syrup; 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, and 2 cups chopped mint. The finer you chop the mint, the mintier the syrup will be. I actually doubled this recipe (to save a big batch) because I drizzle it into fresh lemonade or iced teas during the summer, it’s such a refreshing sweetener.


Let the sugar dissolve, this will take about 5-10 minutes.





Once it starts to boil, take off the heat.


From left to right, the cooled and chilled mint simple syrup (must be cooled completely at room temp and stored in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours), seltzer water, the beaker with the funnel is for the fresh squeezed lime juice, lime zest (using a lemon zester, grate the lime before you slice the lime and stop grating when you start seeing white), and vodka.



Now squeeze some fresh limes.


Mix all the ingredients and shake with crushed ice. Also add some finely chopped mint.



Garnish with mint and serve.


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