Vertical Pregame

Some fried foods and beer, and ..some friends. Pregaming. But lets take it vertical. Koreans are heavy drinkers, and they have these things called levels. 1st 2nd 3rd level. 1st could be dinner and drinks, and then 2nd can be going to a bar, and 3rd could be ending up back at someone’s house for more drinking, private house parties. Karoake, huge in Korea, this can be part of those levels too, depends. Kind of feel like this could be the same in all cultures, as worlds tend to be parallel. American youth seems to have this thing called pre-gaming, which is drinking before going out-out. First things first though, outfit priorities. Pink oxford, Luxirare hooded half sleeve jacket, Men’s theory trousers. Not really into accessories right now. I guess my earphones will suffice.


Whiskey to beer switch. Damn, kind of like going from flying first class to economy? Depressing. But what can you do? I have to get back to being super crystal again, mentally, physically, emotionally. And beer’s kinda like soda, yana? At least I’m concise though. Cans or Kegs? Kegs. No time to pick up empty  shells, as if doing dishes isn’t enough mindless work.  Just got this Heineken one recently. I recommend. Here.


Heineken flowers??


If you’re interested in buying this, it’s real easy to use. I took some shots here to show you, just put the tubes on top of the keg opening..and then..


Just clip the cap in.


Ah, the beauty of being an American citizen, going to Costco and picking up a big box of Japaleno poppers. I’m pretty sure I’ll be lectured by someone here that I shouldn’t support this kind of thing, processed foods or whatever. Kind of naive to think that the organic foods industry lacks corruption? As long as you didn’t grow it and make it yourself, you don’t know. Like painters perfecting strokes, supermarket owners perfect the art of hiding grime, stocking, and doubling margins.  Doesn’t matter if it’s Whole foods or Pathmark.


America’s choice fries! Sacrilege! Crinkle cut, my favorite. Mcdonald’s fries come second.


Gnocchi, pan fried, and then a really dry sauce. I don’t like mushy gnocchi with sauce, double mush. With this there’s a nice contrast, these are crisper. Sauce includes red hot peppers, basil, parmesan cheese, and toasted garlic flakes. Salt the boiling water when you cook the gnocchi though. Salting it at the end will do nothing.


Never understood the concept of baked fries. Partial deprivation will come back to bite you twice as hard.


Lights off.






Iced coasters. I’d like to keep my beer freezing for as long as possible.



Help yourselves, guys.




Ah, beer and fried carbs. Soulmates.