Versace World

There’s so much madness when you look at Versace’s older creations, this intensity is something I can see right away in works by other designers like Alaia or Raf Simons…I have two really old Versace books my mom got me during college filled with some of the most beautiful clothing, I was going through a lot of books recently looking for some inspiration..sometimes when you work on new projects it’s nice to gather some images even if they are the kind that may not work into your ideas at all…Well I am scanning these in for my personal use I thought I might as well share them. If you’re really interested in Versace’s older designs I suggest you buy Vanitas: Designs and Versace: Signatures.

This is an old polaroid shot by Warhol of Gianni Versace.


There’s this stupid quote about how Versace himself thinks he dresses ‘sluts’ only- The word slut is disgusting. The male equivalent for this word is Playboy, so why can’t we just use Playgirl. I was disappointed that Versace even used the word slut to describe any woman but we can all let him slide because he was a genius and also because he suffered an unjust death. But I think this is so untrue.. he doesn’t only dress sluts. Versace can be for every woman. It’s just about how you carry yourself in it. I think his clothes are classy, not just outrageous. Look at Princess Diana rocking Versace. In fact that this is what I love about Versace’s older work, it’s really for everyone.



Of course I am attracted to things that I wouldn’t explore myself. Like color explosions and sequins. I can assure you that I won’t be adding sequins or too much color into anything I design. But you’d have to be really jaded to look at this outfit below and not like it. Even though I would never come up with something like this I find it very enticing. The top and the leggings just work so well together, again I love that he’s not anywhere in between, I guess his mentality is, what’s the point if you don’t go all the way? I’d have to agree.


Picture 4


It’s obvious when you look closely at Versace’s work, that he was never satisfied with what he created which is why he was always changing something or making a more extreme version of it.  It’s hard to understand this disappointment when you look at his work now because it’s so dazzling but you always have a different relationship with your work when you are intimate with the process of creating it.






It’s crazy how you can take the same thing (vertically colored stripes) and in two different contexts, it looks completely different. To the right a Raf Simons campaign, and to the left an old Versace campaign…



This one has got to be one of my favorite Versace related images. I’m saving my favorite Versace design for last but I like this image more as a whole than just for the clothing. The girls, the empty street, the mood, the bike, and the uniform outfits… My eyes are so used to girls being anorexic-thin now that when I look at these girls below I think “curvy” but there is no way in hell they are ‘curvy’…just in comparison to how painfully thin the models look now.


Oh and I guess this is the man version! I am always surprised by people’s reactions to these boots that all the guys are wearing.  This isn’t surprising to me because I’ve had this book for a while. They are the exact same as the Chloe Susan’s that everyone and their mom had been pining for ages ago..But wait, these Versace boots totally came first but who cares?..and who knows..maybe Versace himself lifted these boots from someone else we don’t know about..People need to stop targeting Jeffrey Campbell or Forever 21, it’s just so stupid! High end designers lift all the time it’s just harder to pin down the source because they lift from rarer sources..



If you’ve dug deep enough into the fashion spot for hi res images of Versace’s harnessed/belted designs you would have seen some of these already. These are scanned from my books but I love how he took something that was meant purely for function (you know belts…they need to be adjustable and are used to keep pants secure around the waist or hip) and used them as decorations for tight dresses. He was hyper aware of all the details needed to complete such decorations, could you imagine these belted looks with just ONE belt loop? He knew that you’d need multiple belt loops stacked vertically/horizontally to create the right kind of visual impact (referenced below). And this is what I like about his work. It’s not balanced, or in-between. It’s just extreme and he pushes it all the way without compensation. I think Raf Simons does the same, even though he is a totally different kind of designer, his work is extreme too.



The stacking that he uses with the metal belt loops is something I do too with my jackets. It’s not because I looked at this photo and tried to do the same thing, though if that was the case I would admit it. It’s just that I too, in the moment of arranging and experimenting with the hardware I thought…. 3 belt loops stacked together just look better than wouldn’t take a design genius to figure this out, you just know it looks right when you see it.




Another really important part of his work was decoration. He used sequins just like any painter would use pigment to express a feeling or mood. I hate sequins, I really do, but I can overlook this hatred just for Versace. It’s just like painstakingly detailed Rococo art, but he creates that same kind of feeling for garments.



One of the reasons why I don’t like this kind of’s not necessarily because I don’t like to look at it, but I produce most of the clothing with my own hands so if it’s this hard to do, I don’t want to design something like it because I like to get maximum results for minimal effort. This kind of thing produces maximal results but ALSO requires maximal effort. I would not be able to survive this mind numbing work, sewing a million sequins onto a dress…it’s too much physical work for me. But I look at this now and I think it’s quite beautiful, great for Versace that he grew powerful enough to be able to hire this many seamstresses. I think his sequin/decoration work is some of the best work he ever created.






Told you guys I had to save my favorite look for last. The only way this look could be better was if the studs were silver, not gold, but I love it in gold too. The micro studs or caviar studs are just so beautiful, it’s tough but delicate all at the same time, and it was the first time I not only saw this studded look done for a full head to toe outfit but also for a pleated skirt. Normal sized studs can look bulky but these micro studs are light and feminine. And the studs are not placed randomly, you can tell they are all studded on a grid pattern which is something I also love about this design. There are press machines in italy and China where you can set in about 2000 micro studs in one shot. The workmanship is absolutely stunning and of course this is because this garment below was done on such press machines. I would not mind having this in my closet. Thanks for reading, more soon.