Vegetable Soup Dinner

The other day after the waffles post, I got a comment from a reader asking me how I wasn’t 400 pounds. Don’t worry, I’m not one of those girls who wants to pretend that I get away with eating whatever I want. I sometimes hear interviews from models and they’ll say things like, “Yea I eat steak and fries all day everyday!! Look at my prepubescent body!!” I have no model body but I never understood the point of insulting your intelligence, so I guess this post will reveal why I’m not 400 lbs… Young girls have extremely fast metabolisms, but past a certain age you can no longer get away with cheating. No woman past the age of 25 gets away with much, and yes I have seen some rare cases where a girl is extremely thin but usually that’s because they are eating under 600 calories a day.


A nightly ritual, taking all my gunk off from the day. Iphone to the charger, watch off, car keys off…onto cutting veggies.



On the blog you’ll see fast food being featured, as well as some very fattening foie gras and caviar. I love eating of course but don’t let the photos fool you, I don’t post everyday and I do watch what I eat, and not necessarily what I eat, but I watch how much of it I eat. For lunch it’s not unlike me to just do some coffee and pressed juice. I steer clear of carbohydrates though I do enjoy a cinnabon here and there, and for dinner I have a routine I like to keep, unless I’m cooking something special or I’m going out to dinner. Since I rarely have time to be going out to dinner or happy hour every night like most young 20 somethings, I usually do a very simple vegetable soup. One secret is I guess is to keep yourself very busy!


Four main vegetables for this: Broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage, and carrot. I have a “VEGAN” section on this blog, and it’s very rare that I can tag anything vegan on any of my posts. Today I am really excited to add another vegan post to my category list. And correct me if I’m wrong but I think it’s also gluten free too!


Into the Vitamix machine. In the beginning, I was a bit nervous about how well I’d be able to keep this routine. I must admit it really tasted awful, and you know how I feel about eating vegetables for dinner every night. But I was also getting SO tired every night of thinking..what should I eat? What should I order? And I noticed that I felt really sluggish the next morning. Not only was it annoying to have to think about meals or planning them, but it was also slowing me down. Slowly I got used to eating this every night, and now I like it. It keeps me full for a couple of hours and it is good to go to bed a little bit hungry. The best part is that I don’t have to do anything, just cut the veggies and get them into the processor with some warm water.


The second best part, this machine heats the grated veggies up into a soup so I don’t have to bring it to a boiler.


Doesn’t look too appetizing now does it. If you’re interested in this vitamix machine or starting a healthier lifestyle, the one I linked to above is the version I have. There are several different vitamix versions, if you don’t see yourself spending too much for this, you can always get the one without the soup function, as long as you have a stove it doesn’t matter.


Dinner, soup. One glass of wine or whiskey. I am confused by the red wine, I think I ran out of pinot grigio, not a red wine person at all.


Quite mind boggling what we humans are capable of getting used to.. Eating warm vegetable mush night after night..But sometimes not having choices is a total luxury. Wasn’t it Jenny Holzer who said “Absolute submission can be a form of freedom“?