Valentine’s day dinner with Luxirare

This post is for all my readers who are either getting over a painful breakup, recently divorced, or single. But you know Valentine’s day is just another excuse for couples to go out to dinner or drink (or both)… and why shouldn’t this apply to people who aren’t coupled up?? Valentine’s day is pretty open ended for me.

Obviously today is also just another excuse for companies to make money, whatever, I don’t care. I think it’s fine to get into Valentine’s Day, if you want to wear something red or pink, great. More enthusiasm, the better. Outfit priorities. I designed a new jumpsuit for spring and summer, a spin-off on the older jumpsuit, but tube top style. A little convenience added in though, for girls who are always stressed out about strapless styles and bra situations.



I like to style this with two Hermes cuffs. Why? Visually, it anchors your arms down, because it’s a strapless style without any arm details, your shoulders and wrists are completely bare, where as your body is covered, feels like your limbs will fly away. The two cuffs add some weight. Balance is everything.



Now onto the convenience part, when you wear a strapless style, you always have to think about bras. But me, I don’t like to wear a separate bra, it looks so awkward, and shapes your chest area in a strange way. Instead I integrated a bra into the construction of this jumpsuit through the facing so it looks much more natural. This way you don’t have to think about anything at all when you get dressed. Zip, hook, and voila, you’re done ready to go. No bra to think about.


Bra stays hidden through the facing, but it’s still there to keep you secure.


Anyway, back to Valentine’s dinner. Everyone has a different idea of what they think is ‘really romantic’. I will never forget this one time my grandmother took me to this really classy *best of the best* kaiseki restaurant in Japan. I remember they brought out this sashimi course, and the fish was sliced and presented in this ice sculpture, it was in the shape of an igloo. Of course I was totally startled, how can someone put so much effort into presenting one dish? I mean creating an igloo from scratch out of ice…crazy. My grandmother told me this signified the chef’s integrity, and his devotion to his craft. The more difficult and unique the ice sculpture, the better the kaiseki restaurant was…Seeing this much work put into one course at a kaiseki meal kind of stunned me, felt very romantic and ideal. Did I care that another man of interest was involved? No. I can have romantic feelings for an igloo and some pieces of raw fluke… it’s chill. Not that I am against relationships, but I’m not in one right now, and I simply have to make the best of my sitch.

Now onto my version of this Kaiseki instance. The best kind of sashimi, at least for me, is fluke. This is what the Japanese like to eat too, I know that in the states we all like salmon and tuna, but this is kind of child’s play when it comes to sashimi. Child’s play is fine, I like spicy tuna rolls and all that and from time to time I’ll even eat the bastardized Whole Foods version. But real sashimi lovers love fluke. Koreans enjoy this too, but the difference between the way Koreans and Japanese people enjoy it is that Koreans like to eat it fresh caught (sliced straight out of the ocean or some tank), while Japanese people like to let this fish sit in the fridge for one day. The difference is that the fish will be a little softer a day after. Personally I like to eat it right out of the water, cleaned and sliced of course. The fish is a little harder to chew on, I don’t like the mushier version that the Japanese enjoy. No right or wrong though, just personal preference. Anyway, out of this one fluke I bought from my fish monger, I’m going to do a three course meal and some dessert. The fish will be divided three ways for each of the courses.


To slice fluke, you want to start at the base of your knife and work towards your body. Look at how the corner of my knife is digging into the fish. Press down. Work at a 45 degree angle.


I created my version of an ice mold, mine’s inspired by the bento box style. I made compartments for all my pickled sides as well, my fresh wasabi, and my sashimi. There is even a ditch for my sake. Ha, I like to be thorough? Hate loose endings.




This isn’t for looks only. This ice mold keeps everything cold, and yes, fluke should be cold. Serve on a bed of shiso leaves.



Went to this bougie sushi restaurant last night. Expensive kind of place, and they don’t even give you freshly grated wasabi. Why do restaurants try to insult my intelligence. I don’t know.





Raw fluke is everything…



Onto the second course. A small filet saved for a simple steamed dish, with tons of cilantro and fresh scallion.

Flavors: Soy sauce, fish sauce, water, vegetable oil, and sake, just mix and boil.





Pour this hot mixture over your steamed fluke. Top the steamed fluke with lots of cilantro and fresh scallion. The greens will wilt from the piping hot liquid mixture, so it won’t seem like too much. This is the most delicious thing ever, simple fish filet with a simple sauce and fragrant flavors. I fried the head and tail of the fish for garnish.





Oh but we are not done yet. I still had a small piece of fluke left, and I need something to munch on in front of an internet connection with some beer.  This too, very romantic for me, alcohol and internet… Fish and chips? No. Fish ‘and’. Slice filets of your fresh fluke, and hammer it down until you get papery thin sheets..






I already said that fried food and beer were soul mates. Get your six pack of soda ready.





Serve this with garlic aioli.


…And I prefer to have some nice jewelry on while eating delicious fluke. (Diamond necklace from tiffanys, my favorite).




Dessert, no fluke for dessert, just cake.


Of course I had to cut it out in the shape of my label. Filled with fresh whip cream, topped with raspberries..and….




Drizzle with chocolate liquer.


Kuhn Rikon Paring Knife shown below in case you asked.




If you’re lonely, or you’re going through something painful..or if you’re thinking about someone that you might not be able to have, just remember what Andy Warhol said..“Fantasy love is much better than reality love. Never doing it is very exciting. The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet”…The only thing sexier than doing it is not doing it. And delaying pleasure is even sexier. I already told you what I think is romantic. Now you tell me. Curious to know. And don’t mention *that* scene where John Cusack holds up a radio in that movie Say Anything…I want unique responses!