Singer is one of the oldest sewing machine companies, and their design model doesn’t change much. You know sewing machines have stayed the same for ages…unlike apple products that change and break on repeat. (I still have no idea why I yearn for the iPad….iTampon..iWhatever…knowing that its basically a laptop with a hacked off cover and no keypad, also if you’re one of those people who likes to have a million windows open between multiple apps, you can forget about “iPad” being worth $500, rather buy half a designer shoe..)

Anyway my studio is getting too cluttered with sewing machines. Its getting a little hectic in here, 1 home sewing machine, 1 industrial machine , 2 sergers, 1 Pfaff, 1 tippman and now this ancient looking thing. Just made its way over the weekend into my studio. You can see this machine has a very narrow base so I can sew tight spaces..Can’t wait to start using it!