Try this: Oxbone Soup

Uhm, yea. I was really not humble about this Sandy Storm. It was only today that everything was working 100%, internet, power, heat, all that…You know I thought this was another Irene ordeal and was like, yea I’m sure something bad is going to happen. Oh boy bad things did happen. And now it’s freezing and snowing and there are still people without power that I just can’t even deal with that either because I feel like I don’t want to have power either unless I know everyone has it.

Never in my life have I experienced this before, and it was worse because there was real work I needed to do and couldn’t do because everything I do either involves internet or machines. For 6 days I had no heat, light, and food all gone too because fridge was dead. Luckily I had the means to head to the spa for some R&R but I was also grateful to have a dry bed and a roof over my shoulders. Hotels were all booked, didn’t feel like putting out friends either.

Anyway, on the 2nd or 3rd day of this blackout, I had already gone mad, but thankfully some restaurants were open. This soup below is of the Korean kind, oxbone broth but with slices of tender brisket, noodles and rice and I ate it at a time when I had been freezing and hungry, so it tasted so delicious, more delicious than I remember…and it’s like a hot stew so it’s just the perfect thing to eat during winter which is why I’m suggesting it for you now in case you are looking for something new to eat. Flavor description…so if you love the flavor of bone-marrow, just imagine the bone-marrow broth version of sorts, kind of creamy this broth and super mild. What was weird was that I had posted this on my instagram days ago and 2 non koreans left comments about how they LOVED this soup and it was one of their favorites. I thought that was so weird because most non koreans go for the bbq and are like yea I just ate ‘KOREAN’ food..uh, sure pal! I just think that’s laughable obviously because korean bbq is one of the most boring korean things you can eat, but nonetheless I was happy to see that maybe this soup is more common than I think, amongst non koreans at least. Okay so enough of my rambling..try it! Address to a location here.

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