I love a nice fitting basic tee just like any other girl. I love lacy lingerie. I thought combining both would be practical for me.



_DSC3023 copy

I used Black organza, black gridded organza, and nude silk for the lining. Forgive the slight wrinkles, I forgot to steam this before putting it on.



Uniform: Luxirare t-shirt dress, sheer thigh highs from Target, Shoes from Snaz75, Monkey fur Jacket from Ebay and gloves are vintage from Edith and Daha. Bowler hat is vintage.

Construction shots.



I finished the silk lining with a 3/8 inch fold over.


French seams and Organza go together like bread and butter.


I also added triangular embellishments like “teeth” coming down from pockets.


Double layer to compensate for nudity.