To the floor

1 maxi skirt, four ways, with a double slit jumpsuit thrown in for good measure.

This new maxi skirt (which is cut on the bias with no side seams) was produced purely for gratuitous reasons. How can I elongate my figure and look like I went on a diet when I didn’t? I figured a fitted silk crepe in black on the bias would do the trick. It was draped to hug the hips, thighs, and then released around the knee area to even out the curves. Most maxi skirts I buy look incredibly boxy on me, making me look short and stumpy (as if I already didn’t). This is also a quick and easy solution to dressing…I’ve found that I never have trouble dressing the top portion of my body, just the bottom. This trapped in look of the legs works as a blank canvas for three vastly different jackets.

Look #1: Long sleeved “the row” shirt with Luxirare Maxi skirt



Look #2: Taking the top off, adding a belt and Margiela blazer. The formula focuses on a high waisted skirt paired with a decorative Kiki De Montparnasse bra.
Look #3: Luxirare Fur patchwork jacket with Luxirare Maxi skirt and The Row long sleeve shirt.


Look #4: Comme Des Garcons jacket, Kiki de Montparnasse bra with Luxirare open front collared shirt and Luxirare maxi skirt
This jacket is peculiar, it can be worn both ways. There is a sheer ruffled portion, and then a plainer black portion…



Look #5: Luxirare fur patchwork jacket + Luxirare jumpsuit with center-front slits, Stella McCartney shoes..

I know you have all been expected a food post, the next post will definitely be a cuisine post. Apologies to all of you who come here strictly for the food (i.e. the straight male audience that views this blog).