The lambo and the three jackets to go with it


It is no surprise that this black matte lambo is ‘love at first sight’ material. Who needs an it-bag, when you can just stash your makeup and change of heels to sneakers in your trunk and pull out. With this car, you’d also need the perfect rotation of three jackets, here are some jackets that I think match perfectly.

Love the way this panel of leather is sliced through a blazer. This blazer is by one of the underrated of menswear designers, Juun J, and it was available on SSENSE, they carry a great selection of his stuff. The way this blazer is designed I think goes perfectly with the sharp, clean lines of this car.



The second blazer/leather hooded combo, also by JUUN J, available on Ssense. The more casual blazer of the two, another perfect styling choice, just try and imagine this garment blending in with the interior of this automobile. I love the way the designer values seam lines of a jacket. A lot of his designs remind me of the way modern sportscars are built.

Picture 7


Last but not least, here is my other favorite jacket. This one by Raf Simons, another jacket I’d love to have if I was riding in this car. I may be dead before the day comes but it is still important to dream no? Only in the blogging world will you start obsessing over a parachute jacket with 9 million pockets. Love the matte finish. Image via This person understands the black on black on black formula extremely well.