Thanksgiving Part I

Thanksgiving was about sharing abundance when food was scarce, but now that food is somewhat abundant and easily accessible (Accessible in comparison to the days where consumption was dependent on hunting and gathering) I think Thanksgiving in the present tense is more about sharing symbols. I want to create a thanksgiving meal that is less about creating an abundance of leftovers and instead maximizing on the visual appeal of these “thanksgiving” symbols. Today’s symbol is the pumpkin, as a dessert. One Pumpkin dessert is fully clothed, the other naked, haha.

Fully Clothed Pumpkin


Mix both colors, blue and white, with your hands. Here I am preparing the silicone mold so I can make my own mold of the mini pumpkin.


Cut the pumpkin in half, make sure you make the cut as straight as possible.

I shaped the soft mold over the mini pumpkin which was cut in half. You don’t need a lot of Silicone, just enough to cover the pumpkin.


Okay, so after 30 minutes to 1 hr you can take the mold out. Make sure to rub the pumpkin with the CHAPSTICK I featured in the first couple of images so that you can release the mold. If there are holes in your mold, no big deal, just make more silicone and cover the holes.


Knot one side of the pumpkin with wire after you’ve sealed both edges with a dressmaking pin. Make sure the edges inside meet so that there the least amount of seams. Open up the other side, gently place your pie crust whilst gently nudging it in, don’t stretch the pie crust. Start pressing the pie crust down a little to make sure it shapes into the mold of the pumpkin. Seal the mold again on the other side, with a knot and pin. Squeeze your pumpkin pie mix inside with a cake frosting dispenser. There are SO MANY pumpkin pie recipes out there, just choose your favorite. You can see below I left a little hole at the top so I can squeeze in my filling. Take note of this if you decide to create this mold, make sure to create a little hole.


Off to the oven for 1hr 40 mins at 400F. The time really depends on your oven. It may take 2 hrs. About 20 minutes before its done, take the pumpkin out of the mold and brush it with egg wash.

The leaves were created with a cutter.

I like that this pumpkin is an individual “pie” for one person and that there might be less leftovers. I think there is a lot of food tends to get wasted during Thanksgiving (the meal I had last year surely created a LOT of waste) so this time I’m opting for a super concise thanksgiving meal, less waste. These desserts are part of this new plan. _DSC6343

Naked Pumpkin (Pumpkin pie Cocktail)

A more figure friendly pumpkin dessert, this custard like treat is a cross between a pumpkin pie and a cocktail, it has rum and mulling spices in it! Also, if you’re the type of person who likes to dig out the pumpkin filling and ditch the pie crust, this is perfect for you! Its also vegan if you remove the white chocolate garnishes I’ve placed in the pictures. It involves mixing mashed pumpkin, mulling spices cooked in Agar Agar, cinnamon, soy milk, rum, and vegan sugar. You can actually just follow a basic pumpkin pie recipe mix, take out the eggs, replace the condensed milk in the pie recipe with soy milk and add the agar agar with mulling spice, about 1/2 cup.

Using the same mold, this time I closed the whole pumpkin with the seams matching (Again).


Agar Agar mixture cooking with Mulling Spices.

Add the agar agar liquid into the modified, vegan, pumpkin pie mix now with the rum. As much or as little as you want..

Pour the mold back into the little hole, and wrap the whole mold in tin foil in case the mold leaks. Its okay if the pumpkin inside doesn’t set perfectly, you can just shave off any imperfections. No Big deal! Let it set in the fridge.





Today we added a new section of this website called “Shop Luxirare Favorites“. Its in the sidebar to the right, triangle shape. I made some careful selections in terms of books, tools, and other day to day objects that I use, all extracted from Amazon. There are a a lot of books in the store, 1/2 of them I already own, the other half I wish I did own. This store is also good because it helps me keep track of things I need to look at in the future. I hope you can find something in the store that you like! Stay tuned for Thanksgiving part II!