Text me….

I love texting you do too right? I mean like via phones. Because you never say goodbye, you don’t have to say hello. It’s always a continuous conversation with long silences…Well at least for me. My friends complain…this one time I had a friend’s mom text me something important. The mom was like “Ji didn’t respond…”…Ha! My friend goes “That’s Ji Mom…she’s just like that…sometimes no one can get a hold of her for months…”

I mean it’s nothing personal. Sometimes I disappear for days. I hardly live in reality. I’m either lost in a book, driving…sewing, cooking, making videos or just like thinking privately. But ‘friends’ are so annoying. I mean you’re not a plant. Maybe … don’t make me feel obligated to water you. Sometimes I go, sometimes I’m here…Just …. people take everything SO personally.

The only time I feel obligated is when it’s a family member, or if it was my boyfriend, or when I’m married. But even “boyfriends”…I never feel guilty if they don’t hear from me. I don’t owe a man anything, if he wants me everyday, he can marry me.

If you’re kind of into a guy you can give him a subtle message with some lighters…Look at how efficient this is! I truly miss my “morpheus” from Matrix Sunnies. Lost these somewhere…They were all customized with prescription lenses and mirrored tint…ugh.


One time I even lied to this guy I was casually seeing. I also believe that as a woman, you always date with the upper hand. Don’t give a man your soul, honesty, loyalty, exclusivity or even…your time..don’t even tell him “where you’re located”. Just pretend he is a “light acquaintance” because with guys, you never know. One minute they’re hot for ya, the next day they’ve hooked up with someone else…This guy kept bombarding me so I lied and said I was “leaving the country” for a week or two and wasn’t going to use my phone because of “international charges”…It was all bullshit, I just said that so I could have a break…I mean I couldn’t be rude or anything. What do I tell him? “I’m going to possibly disappear from your life, and I may even decide for this to be permanent…”…It would be so mean!!!

Fuck off necklace with Luxirare White Harness. I’m wearing a crisp button down shirt with pleats. I love to open like two buttons…like you know … “sexy” vibes or whatever. Now, if you’re planning on breaking up with a poor fella, just see him for dinner and wear this necklace. It should passive aggressively let him know that you’re done with him.