Still more questions? More answers!

Okay, now I have to answer more questions, first with all the curiosity on the Nikes, and now with the adidas. I give you my hand, and you want my arm. Well heck, take my body. Home now, finished work but still working.. e-mail comb, facebook pollution, you know the deal. No whiskey tonight though. Jesus.

First order of biz, adidas….Get em here.



2nd order of biz, got questions about the cuffs on the wallet necklaces. Yes they open up, there is a little switch on the bottom. Clip on and off.


3rd order of biz…Nikeez available here. I linked you to the leather ones, cause I think they will be better for you. My nylon ones got killed in the snow today! Feet freezing but I buffered with some of those tea bag thingies..feet warmers. If you don’t like white on black there are other options here. We good now? Cause I have to prep a new post, so much work work work. Let’s pull the plug for now.