Spicy Dirty Martini


This is a different kind of dirty martini. I usually take a martini either dry (meaning nothing but vodka) or very dirty. You can consider this martini extra dirty, as it doesn’t involve olive juice. The juice I used to mix with vodka here is not only very spicy but adds a vinegary punch to your cocktail. It’s hard to beat a straight Vodka martini, and the only way to do so would be by using the pickling juice I featured here.


Here I’ve removed the juice from this pickling jar to show you what ingredients went into it….It’s mostly, yes, jalapenos…



This spicy martini involves pickling juice, and that juice extracted from a pickled jar including carrot, radish, lots of jalapenos, mustard seeds, herbs, onions, pickles and eggs. Now you must use your own instincts when cooking. This pickling juice I used is vinegary and spicy, just how I like it. The carrots add a little sweetness. For a base recipe, try and look at this one. It’s a sour pickling recipe. If I were you I’d dig the internet on my own and find a recipe that speaks to you and your tastebuds.


My dream in life was to be a bartender. If you own a bar, please hire me. So anyways, pour the pickling juice, and shake with ice along with vodka.





This one has egg in it. Use it as your cocktail garnish along with jalapenos, carrots and etc.


Good for this coming weekend…