Smoke and Mirrors

I don’t like to be told what to do, what about you? The two things that are forced upon us, inescapable death and taxes, is enough to deal with. The beauty of the internet is that you can choose to seek out discount merchandise on Ebay before getting fooled by another merchant. I feel the same about makeup. I wanted to forget about pre-determined compacts that come with colors the companies choose for you. We all have different faces why do they think its okay to sell us the same formula of colors? But another thing I don’t want is a whole stash of different makeup colors all in separate cases, I want to customize but I don’t want a hassle of makeup either. I hate opening a bag of makeup only to find different cases of broken eye shadows, leaking lip glosses and other disastrous mishaps-a major problem I had growing up..I had collected too much makeup for no reason, only to stash it into a makeup bag would always explode/leak/spill. I want to consolidate.

I started searching around for 100% customizable makeup compacts. It was hard. Everywhere I went, Chanel, Dior, Nars… the colors were being chosen for me, why are these people telling me what colors to wear? No, they don’t better. Yes, death and taxes may be forced upon me but I will exert my freedom to choose when it comes to makeup..
A clean slate, a completely blank compact case with a magnetic base to stick your colors. Start over.


A good eye shade, close to the eyelid.


Natural Highlights and base colors for the eyes.

Earthy tones of shadows. I like a bit of shimmer but mostly matte.


Handpicked blush tones. In fact all of the colors here were handpicked by me.  I enjoyed being able to do this after searching for compacts where I choose, not the company.  I hate predetermined color sets.



A natural shade of eye liner. Mix with a touch of liquid. Its more “grey” than black so it doesn’t look too severe on my skin.


I use this tone of blue to mix with the more orange/yellowish tones in the compact in order to create a greyish color.

All the colors together.

Nars Red lip crayon, super matte. Color name = “Cruella”. I like this because it is extremely matte, almost like a stain.

I create my palette of colors.



Some must have brushes

Tweezer, Nars lip crayon “Cruella” shade, Sharpener, brushes, all consolidated into one case.


Now with the addition of completely customized compact.
This quilted case that comes with the case is perfect, because its tight enough so that no makeup will explode and turn my bag into a haven of loose eyeshadow colors.   I take this everywhere if I need to suddenly put my “Face” on. Its very convenient and organized.
The compact and some of the colors I featured are available in Amazon, but I’m thinking if you do order this case, you should check out the McEvoy stand in the makeup section of the dep’t store to customize colors for yourself.
The makeup case is also available at their makeup stand.