Shoes for Spring

Spring…? I am waiting patiently for the weather to settle down. Sometimes it feels like winter again, and other times it’s beautiful outside. Still shoe priorities must be straightened out for all women. Here are some of my favorites this season.


One of the first designs I saw for this spring that caught my attention were these Margiela mesh boots. I don’t know for some reason they scream spring, or even summer, due to the light mesh material used to create the boot. Very airy and you know your feet won’t sweat. To make them look even more refreshing, you have the lucite heel, almost reminiscent of an ice block.


Nude version. I do admit that since they are completely see through, your toes will show and for some people this might create a creepy effect. Well at least for people who go for something a little less provocative. But I don’t know, I love the nakedness of it. Both images of this shoe are sourced from Net-A-porter. If you happen to buy this shoe after reading this post, please don’t be afraid to send any high res close up shots of you wearing it. I’d love to see how you styled it! Definitely worthy of a post on the live blog….Something so ethereal about this ankle boot, but it’s definitely genius to take something so classic (the ankle boot) and turn it into something unrecognizable. Startling to look at. Incredible, really. And definitely much more challenging to design something like this than to go crazy, adding straps and buckles and frills everywhere.


So I am definitely not a flats kind of person, but I know many of you must be. These are by Alaia, and I have to say that I didn’t even need to look at the label to know that, quite distinctive, his shoes..The fan out pattern in the back really does it for me.


Another one by Alaia. Throw on a pair of black or charcoal jeans with these, done.


Oh, maybe it is near impossible to ignore Marant, but this instance is definitely a rarity in my book because Marant tends to spell out a certain fashion caricature…but you cannot deny this sandal below is magic: The perfect summer sandal. Sourced from LaGarconne.
Sturdy platform sandal with a secure ankle strap…