Scungilli Fra Diavolo


My guess is that most of you have been to an italian restaurant before. And you may have seen a variety of Fra Diavolo dishes. Those ones with shrimp and mussels or what not with spicy tomato sauce. But in my book there is really only one Fra Diavolo worth eating, and that’s one with thinly sliced Scungilli.

In case you are wondering what Scungilli is…. it’s just a really large marine snail, Conch meat. Chewy seafood, the simple way to describe it, Scungilli has a weird smell to it but it’s all good, I will probably like you more if you order this as opposed to Shrimp with Angel Hair or something boring like that. In the photo above I’m using precooked conch meat that has been taken out of it’s shell. Very easy to deal with, in fact I hope you try this for dinner this week.


I’m quite particular about the kind of noodle I like to use for this dish. That is Pachierri (I probably spelled this wrong!). This may remind you of calamari rings. For me this pasta is perfect, better than Rigatoni. I just like this noodle better because it gets nice and floppy when cooked. My secret to this simple dish, I use RAO’S Arrabiata Sauce (the only pasta sauce worth using in my opinion). It is spicy, I think Arrabiata (one b or two b’s??) means ANGRY in Italian or something.


My other tip is to slice garlic thinly, and the Scungilli as well. Heat the sauce and add some hot chili peppers. Mix everything together until the garlic is just about to melt.


I ran out of good wine, Laphroaig, and Knob Creek, so I resort to Maker’s Mark.





Just one of my favorite simple dishes, ever. If you have not tried Scungilli yet I suggest you try, it is addictive!


Thanks for reading, fashion post soon.