Say it without saying it….

This one time I went to lunch with my mom. She’s the passive aggressive kind who will wear a shirt like “THANKS FOR NOTHING” to a restaurant and then it’s like I’m sitting there just waiting for another fucking lecture on “how to live my life”…

Well if you need a way to say it, you know … You have that annoying co worker and the thought of her or him (it’s usually a her right?) makes your skin crawl in the morning. You wish she got fired, or left on her own accord.

Or maybe it’s like you’re just really mad at your boyfriend. Don’t say it out loud, it will only make it worse. He’ll probably win. Just wear it around your neck.





When you buy this, please be careful. It is presented on a board and you have to remove these pins gently…












Me? I mess with all levels of luxury. Dollar store luxury, and the thousand dollar price tag luxury. These necklaces start at a humble price of $35 greenbacks. And there are items in my shop that are over 2k. Luxury is nothing to me. It can cost a penny and it can be the cost of a first class flight. In 2014, luxury has nothing to do with a price tag. In 2014 you can’t fake it. Your perfectly styled outfit with labels does nothing but get my attention. To sustain and hold my attention you have to be smart. I want to see the smokeshow, the performance, not just a photo of your skateboard. Yeah I see your board. Where’s your clip? I’m 100% sure you’re not skateboarding in 4 inch Chanel wedges. Just sayin’.

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