Rose Granola

Quick post here, this is part of a bigger post but I had to break it down because it’s too much. If you like rose scented things you will love this. I love rose flavored macarons, but it works beautifully with granola.



Dip rose petals into the agave nectar. I use agave nectar because it is looser than honey.



Coat the rose in sugar.


Chop the fresh roses like you would do to any herb.


Take your hands and mix it all together. I used plain granola just sweetened with honey, there are no nuts or any other flavorings in this granola, that’s key because you don’t want the rose flavor to compete with anything else. Then, let this bake in the oven at a low temperature, may take anywhere from 15-30 minutes to harden again. The roses were dipped in agave and sugar coated so the granola will be sticky. Baking it will make it crunchier and bring the strong scent of the rose out.



Add to your favorite cereal, watch your milk turn slightly pink. A good thing to wake up to, and easy to make.