Rocky x Adidas

What is it about dogs that makes you feel like everything will be okay when you come home completely stressed and drained from work?


My dog, she is always home to greet me with a wagging tail and genuine happiness. Humans don’t act this way, we tend to conceal our emotions, or we exaggerate them when we need to put on a show. But dogs are genuine. She is always forgiving, even when I am not being my best to her, she is always 100% loyal to me. It’s precisely the reason why I can’t stop myself from giving my dog a bite of my truffle pasta, and why I feel the need to spoil her any chance I can. How could I deprive her of one of my greatest luxuries? The pieces of Adidas in my wardrobe that I enjoy so much had to find a way into Rocky’s wardrobe. She deserves the best. I admit, a part of me is just taking out a desire to spoil my future kid (preferably a daughter)…but…I am not ready to give birth. Convenient to have a man around for giving birth, and even more convenient to have a man around when it comes to child rearing. Until I secure a suitable mate, I will continue to spoil my dog…Browsing the Adidas store, I couldn’t find any dog outfits. What to do? I couldn’t wait around for reality, just have to make it happen.


This two piece jumpsuit was designed for a human child. I bought it to re-stitch re-drape the whole thing. Just for Rocky of course. But something strange happened, this photo isn’t staged. Rocky got territorial over the suit. Somehow she knew it was connected to her.


Even my frivolous projects like these always have to get some kind of serious treatment. Taking this track suit made for a human, it would be childish to assume that you just make a smaller version of it for a dog. Dog bodies are vastly different from that of a human baby.


I draped a whole new muslin just for my dog. Eventually I had to take the whole adidas human baby track suit apart, every seam. It was like a making a garment from scratch. The pant part had to be completely redesigned. Dogs need to have their back area paved open for you know what. Sleeves and bodice had to be completely redraped and recut. New patterns drawn again, with new pattern pieces. And it took just as long as it normally would to make a piece of clothing. Oh well. Can’t cheat.


Every design element that was created for the original adidas tracksuit was applied to Rocky’s tracksuit, had to keep all of the original details. This track suit of Adidas, it has been a classic for years. Like Ray Ban wayfarers. There is no variation that can make this tracksuit better..Would be completely foolish of me to even try.


Had to integrate elastic for back comfort. Also, the track suit was transformed into a consolidated 1 piece jumpsuit, would be too hard for Rocky to wear a two piece suit, as idealistic I am..Reality..always have to plan for that. So depressing, no?


Before we get to the other details, I also redesigned a leash from a necklace I found at the Adidas store. Just restitched it to create a hand loop. On the jumpsuit, I integrated a hook so that this leash can be attached. I wanted to utilize this Adidas brand as much as possible. Of course I could have just used any old leash, but I always need the extremes.


Rocky’s new shoes.



As soon as I put the final sample on her, I saw a transformation in Rocky’s attitude. Did she too realize the power of an Adidas tracksuit? I had to fight back tears.. she looked genuinely was at this moment I realized why I love fashion so much, it has the power to transform us all. Even as I was fitting the sample on her, it’s just like she knew something special was happening… And I’m not making this up, I wish I videotaped her actions after putting on the suit, you would feel it too. All of a sudden there was a spring in her step. From the beginning, she was territorial of the human track suit version, now it was finally hers.





….Siesta already Rocky???….It’s too early..!



Rocky..You look a little..stoned..



Integrated a hook for the leash to snap right onto the jumpsuit. No harness needed!






Freezing winter, top down. Heat on. Love this feeling. Summer; the opposite. Convertible closed, windows sealed, AC on.






Rocky and I need to jet..What shall we listen to? Gucci Mane or Kanye? I know..tough choice…