Red Hook

Apologies for the lack of posting everyone! Now that the new blog is up I will be able to post more regularly.
Anyhow, Why Red Hook? I used to live in Red Hook (brooklyn) for a short time and it signified a major low point in my life. For those of you who have actually ventured out to Red Hook to eat at Hope and Anchor or to drink at Bait and Tackle, you know that this place is gentrified but does not look it. It looks like a dilapidated town filled with empty warehouses and factories. Strangely enough there are pockets of wealth in this town, with some gorgeous townhouses near Fairway but basically it is two blocks away from crack dens and the projects. During this time I was miserable, had the worst relationships with people, had to take a year off school, and basically did not know what the hell I was doing or where I was “going”. Red Hook is like an alternate universe to me. But coming back three years later to the same place where my life started spiraling out of control is definitely very strange. Somehow, through some sort of sick twist of fate, I got my life back in order.


Im wearing a Missoni Cardigan and a Margiela Blazer. Oh, and before I forget….Check out my friends’ blog, MODELIZING. She has been blogging for a while now but decided to reinvigorate it with exciting, behind the scenes fashion week pictures, exclusive party pics, and runway. To all of you who have been patiently reading my blog, waiting for posts, and leaving the sweetest comments…Thank you so much! I feel lucky to have people come back day in and day out and I promise to try and post more regularly. I know its annoying to come to a blog to only see the person randomly disappear for days; the whole point of “blogging” is to give constant updates, although you must forgive me if I am not as diligent as Susie of Stylebubble!