Recent Questions


The same questions are showing up in the comments section from the past two weeks and in my inbox so I’ll answer them here. Specifically these questions are about where certain items were from, or what my lip color is. Here are some answers.

Several people were asking me about the lip color I am using (already talked about this a bit), it’s Revlon’s just bitten in ‘Gothic’. I think it’s their best red tone. I only do one layer for a faint pink/red stain. And you can add more layers if you want a really deep red. On the other side of the tip there is a chapstick built in, this is so convenient.




Really surprised by the amount of people asking about the jeans in this post. They are very plain! I went back into my closet because I didn’t even know where they were from to answer your questions, and the brand is Les Halles. I have no idea when or where I got these. The fit is quite nice.



The shoes I wore in the same post; I completely forgot to tag these and they are my design.