Quality meats via iPhone

Steakhouses that become institutions tend to add a substantive layer to any metropolitan neighborhood, just thinking about the way Peter Luger does so for Williamsburg… and I’d definitely say Quality Meats does the exact same for Midtown. A jewel of a steakhouse right before Central Park about 3-5 streets above the theatre district, this spot, on a weeknight, was boisterous and bustling. To add some heat to competitors, the restaurant is nearly 3 floors – yes, still jam packed, on all three.

Another note, turns out this trendy spot is blood tied to the Smith and Wollensky (father owned) restaurant chain. Makes sense that Quality meats (son-operated) is simply a modern continuation of an old school classic.

Now just look at these doors & the title, I just love what they call this place. Quality Meats. Sounds like a butcher shop with an owner that couldn’t really think of a proper name who defaulted to “it is what it is” territory. Dig it. My iphone quality doesn’t quite match up with what you can do with a DLSR during the daytime when there’s a lot of light. But I love late dinners, and so you’ll have to tread through these somewhat pixelated photos. I have a few I threw in from another website, the original designers of this interior space, who will literally blow your mind. Click the link to see more of their work.


Insanely cool lighting, raw bulbs screwed right into the ceiling. Quality meats, quality lightbulbs. Dry dry dry.


Photo via Avroko. Butcher meat hook inspired lighting with raw bulbs.


Confrontational butcher knives hang horizontally on a block end grain flooring pattern that is worked into the wall. This was actually my favorite part of the interior, I love how this flooring concept is used vertically to flush out wall space. This butcher knife setup reminded me so much of this really cheap but delicious restaurant I went to in Florence with a butcher’s tool kit hanging on the wall. Last photo from Avroko, now we can keep looking through my grainy iphone shots. =)


Piping hot bread with butter and rosemary. For a steakhouse the attention to detail here is superb.


Just lovely how they serve a lot of their steak sides and breads in a miniature cast iron pot.



Fig dish with some creamy cheese and berry sauce, I can’t quite remember what exactly it was, but topped with salt flakes it was one mixture of salty sweet. Also this is a complimentary appetizer, don’t worry about having to look through the menu.


I don’t know about you but tiered seafood courses always taste the same at bougie restaurants. But…extra points for presentation and drama, though. Definitely not into lobster that much but if you like lobster you will enjoy this one.



Anytime I leave a restaurant, I can see and eat 7-9 different dishes with a group of people, but I can really only remember one thing. Steak tartare here was that one thing. Dry herbs and salts were arranged in a meticulous array of divisive colors. A must-order if you’re here, skip the tiered seafood if you want to keep your menu deciphering skills succinct.




“QM” minimalistic branding.


To describe this corn brulee I can only say “OMG”. A truly clever spin on creme brulee dessert turned into a savory steak side.



More QM embroidered.


Questionable order of fries. More on that later.


Bone marrow with toasted bread and a salty bacon/onion jam.


Cream of spinach baked in a flaky crust. Every side dish served here are classics with a little update. This is like a slapdash spinach pie. Not many photos of steak here, only because all upscale steakhouses pretty much serve the same routine. Dry aged sirloin medium rare or porterhouse blah blah blah. But if you suddenly yank me into Applebee’s and order me a steak only then will I will start to notice a difference.


I really have no clue WHO ordered these so called “fries” – Some kind of thick potato chip that isn’t crispy – Not my style but to each their own. I was too busy whatsapping and taking pictures … Should have made sure one of my friends orders the right kind of fries for this dinner. Shoestring fries are really the only way to go, at least with steak.


Quality meats is the best place to go for someone’s birthday, if you have some birthday planning to do I highly suggest. We brought a classic strawberry shortcake.



Speaking of classic strawberry shortcake, here is QM’s version in ice cream form. The ice cream cups, again, branded with a concise stamped look. Throughout the night I suggest starting off with white (works well with cheese and seafood)..Order CAPOSALDO and thank me later. Switch to red when the meat comes through, and once dessert’s in finish the night off with scotch.


Strawberry cake inspired ice cream with marshmellow topping and cake + graham cracker nibbles. The mint/oreo combination was second best. Too cute.



Thanks for reaading, more soon. Fashion.