Popcorn Bar



Here are the flavorings. You’ll need dry seasoning (powders and fine flakes) as well as infused oils.


It’s nice to use flavored oils for the popcorn. Oil is required when you pop the corn so it’s the perfect way to infuse extra flavor. For my candied orange and poppyseed flavored popcorn, I use orange oil instead of just regular oil and the same goes for all the other flavor combos.



I love these hard maple syrup flakes I found at Williams Sonoma. Gonna use this for my french toast popcorn!


And this new ‘Mani’ truffle oil I wanted to try..which cost me nearly $90 bucks. But it’s amazing and very strong.


At my popcorn bar, customization is easy. In case you want to replicate this at home for your kids or if you want to have a little popcorn thing with your friends you can just lay out the oils and powders or whatever.. and people can create their own flavors…But you need some kind of dry flavoring, paired with an oil flavor. I could have come up with crazier combinations…I REALLY wanted to try a pesto flavored popcorn (some finely grated parmesan plus….can you imagine hot basil oil on top of freshly popped corn?) but unfortunately I didn’t get around to it for this post.


For the french toast flavored one, I used butter, cinnamon, and maple syrup flakes (yes it really tastes like it!!!)..


For the coconut curry I used coconut oil, coconut flakes, and curry powder.



My first try, this time it will be the coconut curry flavor so I start with adding the coconut oil directly into the canister or whatever this thing is called that cooks the corn. It doesn’t matter what order you add the oils or the corn, but I like to start off without turning it on yet. And then I added the corn kennels. I didn’t even measure anything, just added about 2 tablespoons of oil for every cup of corn.


For the coconut curry I wanted to use purple corn because it has an earthier flavor that pairs well with the curry. But when it’s popped it’s not purple, so don’t expect that.



So once the first batch is done, you can now melt the coconut oil until it’s warm, and then add the curry powder. The warmth from the oil will wake up the curry flavor, don’t just add the powder dry to the popcorn. It won’t do much flavor wise. And then you can add the coconut flakes, if you can find coconut powder that’s even better. Salt or sugar wise, I went both ways. I wanted it to be both salty and sweet.




For the french toast, you want to use both the maple syrup flakes and a powdery version of the syrup flakes. So I had to grind the flakes. If you just use the flakes it might not stick as well.


Butter and corn.



Some of the corn will not pop. Reject corn, that’s okay. There are many more that will pop, and you can eat those.




More melted butter and cinnamon to flavor the popcorn. Then I added the powdery syrup flakes.


Add some more maple flakes on top.


Another one, candied orange (I melted brown sugar and dried orange peel flakes with some water and made this kind of caramel coating for the popcorn) with poppy seeds. I oven roasted the popcorn under low heat to get the caramel to harden.



I didn’t go over the black truffle popcorn but it’s the same concept. Add truffle oil to the canister, add the corn, and then after it pops add more truffle oil with truffle salt. You could add freshly grated truffle too, and then even more fresh truffle slices on top. I didn’t feel like going to Dean and Deluca to pick up a fresh truffle for this..the truffle oil I bought is pretty strong and it should do enough flavor wise.