Pistachio Cake

I like unusual shapes, colors, and feelings when seeing a cake. In this specific situation, I flavored the cake with pistachio and used imagery that resonates with me. Ever since my friend Chelsea made me watch Vampyros Lesbos, I was hooked on the imagery of the film. I have a girl crush on the lead actress, Soledad Miranda, the brunette floating in the pool. I didn’t even scratch bake this, I used a generic cake mix from the supermarket, and generic frosting. All I did was add pistachio and food coloring. I find ready made cake mix quite delicious and who doesn’t like shortcuts?

My favorite image from the film, Vampyros Lesbos. I drew a shape over it because this is the outline of the shape to fit the cake.


Cake Mold. You can purchase them here.


Cake mix and frosting. Use any kind you want, sugar free, fat free, super moist, yellow, white, chocolate.


Ready made mix is the best. I used a sugar free angel food cake mix. Here is the cake mix below;


To color and flavor the cake, I used blue food coloring, and ground pistachio. You can see its a very fine ground, I used about a cup.



This is what the mix should look like. I tried to get the color of the cake to match the overall color of the imagery I was using. It comes out slightly greenish because of the pistachio.





This is what it looks like after its out of the mold. If you are using a mold do not mess with it until its completely cooled off.

I cut the cake up into three layers to frost in between and place chopped pistachios. I also spread an even layer of frosting all over.



Chopped pistachios in between layers of the cake with frosting.


Frosting sheet. This is a thin sheet that is printed on edible ink. It is very thin and blends into the frosting you use.