Pink Lip Question? Answered.


Combed through e-mails this morning and got some e-mails about the lip color I used in the last post. How did you notice it was more pinkish than my usual??? And how did you know that it was lipstick and not lipstain…I thought you’d just think it was my old lipstain color…Mother recently criticized me actually, said it was too pink for me. I can just tell her now that some of my readers like it. I swear this is why I am meticulous because I know everyone has eyes that are a lot more microscopic than I like to assume.


The brand is Covergirl, and it is called Blastflipstick. Apparently the gimmick on this is that you can customize it more with the matte nude shade on the other side. Color #830 called TEASE. So fitting no? Get it here.




In case you were going to ask about the jeans and striped shirt, I have answers for those too. The shirt is from Muji, size large actually, and the jeans are from Acne. Hopefully the striped shirt is still available near the Port Authority store. And hopefully you don’t need to ask where this jacket is from if you read the last post. Thanks for the questions! More soon.