Pink Arsenal

Every time a new design gets released through the shop I’m always humbled and surprised when people like something enough to buy it. What’s more interesting is why certain items do considerably better than others. I like to analyze everything in my head in a logical way but in the end there’s no definitive answer. Maybe there will be in due time with more experience on my part, but I’m mostly fascinated by designs that create desire. I’ve found that creating isn’t so hard. Creating items that ignite desire in others is very challenging. Of course anyone can design and sell anything now, but since I’ve opened the shop I’ve realized that there is ALWAYS a reason behind an item that does well, even if you can’t figure out what that reason is. I’m a firm believer that in the end, the market is the final judge.

Anyway, a strange situation arose this week while taking care of orders through the shop. The first batch of bags have already gone out to their respective owners, but black was not the most popular color. This past week I’ve not had the time to blog at all because I created too little stock of the neon pink bag. While having gotten used to the idea that black is always the best selling color out of all the merchandise lineups, I miscalculated the whole situation- this set me back a week in the studio. So here’s a lesson I learned, don’t get too used to patterns because they break! This time the neon pink is the most popular and I can’t seem to get my head around why because it’s a very risky color. The 7 bags below are all spoken for.



I also ran out of those silver dust bags that I presented in the original micro purse post, and so I had to prepare some more. But accidentally I saw this paper in a shop.. I really loved the colors and the patterns, and I had this idea that I could use this as part of the packaging of the bag. Fabric dust bags are a little more substantial and can be used for a variety of things, but with this paper I could create a shape that mimics the shape of the actual bag.










Thanks for reading, hope everyone’s weekend was great. I’m off to sleep now.