Perilla Wraps


Now I would like to introduce you to the cousin of Shiso Leaves…Technically both the korean version and japanese version are called Perilla Leaves, but the korean cousin is what you would call a sesame leaf instead of Shiso. I can’t put this flavor into words but it’s a mintier, more aggressive version of the Shiso. It also tastes less like perfume, which is something I enjoy at times. The silicon placemat is by Dan Golden for CB2. I couldn’t find the link online, you might have to go to the physical CB2 stores.

This dish is another simple way to keep carb free after 12 pm. It’s a combination of sesame leaf (two showed here), grilled pork belly, and soybean paste. The paste is bejeweled with chopped garlic, green pepper, scallion, red pepper flakes and macerated with sesame oil. To keep this soybean paste tasty, you want to add as little of the soybean paste as possible. Another way to do this is to serve garlic, green pepper separately, and add a dab of clean soybean paste (without all the flavorings). I personally like everything pre-mixed. Technically speaking you can also add lettuce to this, but I like these leaves more. It’s typical to do both the lettuce and sesame leaf.


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