Perfect Autumnal Meal: Nomad Restaurant via iPhone

There’s no way I’m bringing my DSLR to restaurants again. But I’m definitely coming back here, to the NoMad restaurant, where I had one of the best meals TODAY in a long time. It beat that restaurant that starts with a P and ends with an E, and a bunch of other places…Seriously. I was shocked too because honestly I didn’t think it would be this incredible… Wow is the word…

Also, I just have to say this meal was so ‘fall’, the roast chicken I had, the earthy truffle, everything. As I load these photos I am sipping on some Cup Ramen with hot sauce…. And leftover meatballs from Ikea.


You can’t believe how happy I was to be walking into a restaurant with such a casual vibe. I know it does look kind of fancy but it’s really…okay it is still a little bit upscale but not annoyingly so. There’s ABSOLUTELY no pretension here and there were a good number of people wearing jeans, like me. The best part is this casual vibe mixed with this mind blowing food. You walk in and you’re just comfortable.


A beautiful sunroof.


If you’re a Real Housewife like me you can just move to the bar after dessert.


Who wears sunglasses in a restaurant? I do. At least until the bread and wine comes.


Importance of Logos, yada yada…


So I look at the menu..


But I only see these…


One thing about this chef that I love…. He’s concise, and knows that you don’t need those stupid decorations on a plate to make a point. Because when an idea is ingenious, and not something TRYING to be an idea, you don’t need much. Just look at this bare wooden plate with a dab of salt. The idea here was to mimic the feeling of chocolate dipped strawberries and apply it to a casual, every day french snack…and that snack is eating radishes with butter. But simple is not boring here, as I continued on with my meal I noticed that the chef really cared about everything, the way the food was presented and etc. But it wasn’t overdone.


Cold butter perfection.


A beautiful presentation here too, yes it’s called CRUDITE but you know it’s really just veggies and dip, a good old snack you serve at Superbowl or whatever…Simple and refreshing.



The bread included purple taro (I think) but mostly it was just yeasty goodness. Of course when we broke the bread open it was bursting with steam.




The server stopped grating too quickly, the way I always feel about truffles. I tried to small talk him, maybe the mindless action of grating would continue on a little bit longer..but it’s fine…my plan didn’t work anyhow. They gave me enough…The smell was incredible of course. Pasta was very eggy and seasoned with cream and cheese…super simple but just the best. You could tell they are using fresh pasta…I usually always prefer dry pasta because it’s ‘harder’ but for this I think it worked well. I have no complaints.


It looked like they just broke into this huge white truffle, as you can see these flakes are choppier..But again with the presentation, it’s almost mindless the way they put the pasta there, no tricks…and I really like that right now. Effortless…or whatever stupid word people use when they describe good ‘style’…



The real dish you HAVE to order here is the roast chicken for two. I mean, I really was not expecting much..because I mean how good can roast chicken BE??? Can it really beat a piece of a bloody dry aged sirloin…? Today I learned that it can. This dish screams Thanksgiving, in fact you will NOT want to eat a dried up piece of turkey meat after having tasted this. I didn’t know that chicken could be so juicy, but definitely this chicken was fresh directly from some farm and number 2 it was probably cooked at a really low temperature for a long long time. Maybe even 150. It literally melted in my mouth. The best part is that you look at this chicken and you’re just like, whatever, that looks boring as hell. No. And that’s what I love about this restaurant, that everything is just normal, but not.


The chicken for two comes with bread and these little casserole. What they did was cut the chicken apart so that you get the breast separately, and the dark meat resides in that staub dish with the tastiest gravy. The weird thing here is that serving white meat chicken is kind of like, sacrilegious behavior… for a high end restaurant at least. Seriously???? But again, the chef proves that you can take the most drab piece of meat and turn it into gold. In fact this white meat was so good it tasted better than dark meat, and you know people always go for the dark meat because it’s juicier.


Dark meat section.


The skin looks burnt but it’s not. It’s just got some stuffing under the skin. Guess what? Black truffles and Foie Gras. Yes.


Ugh, god…


Another winning combination of this dish, yes the black truffle is great but also the foie gras stuffing is so clever. All that fat renders a piece of boring white meat…You won’t have chicken like this anywhere. Ina Garten loves to make her husband Roast Chicken every friday night, but I really want to know how he would react to this dish. What is his name..Jerry…Jeffrey…whatever.


Real housewives style, where’s my pinot??? Rows of it on the tables as you can see. Anyway, don’t judge the lady, her haircut or her style….Talking to the fashun people reading this… She was really cool and told me to order the roast chicken. I was really going to pass because I don’t order things like Roast Chicken at restaurants…but something about her made me believe that it was going to be good.


Excellent lemon tart.


The XL macaron was a total disappointment. But I didn’t care because everything else was spectacular. And I am so blown away by the chef’s nonchalant yet meticulous attitude towards food presentation.




It took me a while to visit this place (As it usually does), and NYTIMES did a review on it ages ago. But I’m so happy I did. Definitely check it out. The chef Daniel Humm (11 MADISON) is a bada$$.