Lean Thanksgiving …

I know I know, what? Thanksgiving talk already? I have my reasons.

I hate to say this, but Thanksgiving is one tradition that is so tiresome yet so necessary. I can’t handle not having a proper dinner, whether it is a steak night out with family or just a gathering at home. The entire year may end up feeling empty (at least in my world) if nothing happens. I can handle skipping Christmas. But Thanksgiving..No!

Because I like to update how it is usually served, I just experimented with some things, but I wanted to post this now. The thing is you always think November is so far away. It isn’t. It’s just around the corner. That and everyone likes to prepare at the last minute. But some of the things I’m showing here might be harder to do at the last minute, like new techniques you might want to learn.

These are modern updates you can add to a Thanksgiving dinner. This is a proposal for something lean, as you can see I’m completely skipping out on the full blown turkey… I love that sloppy plate with gravy and stuffing just sliding off the edge next to heaps of meat glistening with crisp skin and potatoes (not so lean), but maybe you switch it up from year to year….Yes this is a little fancier, my thing below..But actually this is just a start of a process.

I’m dying to do several other versions of Thanksgiving. Like on the cheap version ..

In this post I am using Turkey Breast instead of doing the entire turkey, with an aromatic brine… it’s alright, saves you the waste…but I agree a full turkey is nice as a symbol..


  • Instead of biscuits or side breads I’m doing a cheesy, herb filled waffle.
  • Instead of cranberry sauce I’m doing cranberry caviar…
  • Stuffing is in small portions and baked separately..








Black Platform Sandal; A Shoe Review ….

Last season when Philo presented her collection, I eagerly waited for her fall garments. I didn’t feel that much for the clothes at all, but the shoes…The shoes were good. But just good. In fact they reminded me of shoes I had when I was 12-13, the ankle strap broke and I cried for like, a day.

What stops this shoe from going good to great, is a matter of several factors.

The shoes are good because the strap at the front is exaggerated, note how it is just 2-3 inches away from the ankle. I love that. It adds security from wobbliness. Second, the elevated slope is walkable, the wedge not teetering on a narrow platform, but chunky enough to feel confident that you won’t fall.

Third, the shoe is clunky but not so clunky that it’s embarrassing to wear. At only 4 inches (for a platform addict this is mild) I realized this was perfection. You can’t be too greedy. 5″ teeters on try hard territory.

But why, oh why are there certain elements that may stop you from rushing to the store in a frenzy to buy? I’ve owned several Celine shoes before. I love them but I never wear them. They are uncomfortable. This time, it wasn’t the comfort factor that was stopping me. They were imperfections in these designs that aren’t suitable for modern women today. For one I can’t handle the top stitching. Top stitching is bad enough as it is. But in this shoe below it is yellow. Platforms are already attention grabbing, cloggy, and as Menkes has dubbed herself “like club sandwiches”. I’m wearin’ all black and all of a sudden there’s yellow topstitching poppin’ out? No. No way pal.

The tube like 3-d sculpture on the platform. I get that she looked at some Ferragamo, but those are shoes for street style girls who want attention. Not for women like me that juggle full time jobs, a business of their own, and blog…They aren’t sensible.


(Photo via

I completely understand that those shoes might be more “design statement” oriented. Maybe the yellow topstitch were there for other reasons than to satiate my “practical needs”…But within the same season Jeffrey Campbell (to my surprise) has designed a shoe that I would have designed myself. They are edited to perfection (Aesthetically) based on the former model of Celine’s. The topstitch is gone, the sandal provides a cushion, and the elevation isn’t so severe.

The gloss on the leather is the same though, as the ones pictured from the runway, and the quality shockingly good. I didn’t want to purchase, but I had to. I just knew that I would regret it some seasons later.


The shoe features an elevated platform, so that your feet rests inside the shoe, kind of like a little ditch. I loved this detail on the runway and I also appreciate that it’s carried onto the mass market version. You could argue, that this shoe isn’t even mass market. At nearly 170$ USD after taxes and shipping, it is definitely not affordable for every woman.











These shoes (platform sandals) are the kind that have been on my mind for the longest time. In fact I searched long and hard for years to find these, and I’m happy they are finally on my feet. I’m praying to God they won’t fall apart within a month. If they do I will just take them to the shoe repair.

That said the shoes do have flaws. Right around the ankle (as pictured below) I already have a small cut, from the buckle rubbing against my bone. I wish shoe designers would think 10 times before cutting once. I wish they would re-cut and re-sole shoes until they were designed for comfort first. I always feel they do the opposite, they’re always in a rush to get shoes out into the market right when the trend is hot, and certain design details are ignored. But it’s always stuff like this that motivates me as a designer, the everyday hassle of dealing with a design object. I’m so annoyed right now that after 170$ spent, my ankle bone may start bleeding. I’ll find a way to get used to it as I love the shoe but seriously women shouldn’t have to deal with this nonsense.


Shoes Available here…




Watch over cuff



For fall you can work this trend of putting your watch over the cuff. It was pioneered by none other than Gianni Agnelli.

This act of doing something “difficult” without effort, called Sprezzatura. He said he did this to see the time faster. But it could have also been that he was allergic to the metal…who knows.

This is also a hard trend to replicate. Like are you honestly that desperate to look at the time? Don’t you have your iphone with you? If you are a fashion blogger, it’s a given that you won’t be as busy as Agnelli, who built a global Fiat Empire. I mean like I get that you may be busy hassling someone for a selfie….




4 ingredient Steak dinner

I’m playing around with video again, and one of my weekend favorites is a steak dinner. I use Dry aged sirloin strip and I make sure it is always medium rare.

There is another fast paced version of this video, on my instagram (curatedlist) which uses D’angelo instead of Drake. But I like this luxury of not having to edit it down to 15 seconds!! Gives you more room to experiment.

The red sauce is hot sauce. It’s incredibly delicious. It’s hot chili peppers with oil, and mixed with dried scallops. There’s other stuff it in but it’s kind of like a secret hot sauce which you can only get at Chinese supermarkets. I add it from time to time to my steak.

The steak is marinated only lightly for like 20 minutes with Maggi Arome Saveur and Fish sauce. I also used cream of spinach as a side. You would be surprised as what a little Maggi and fish sauce does for a steak. For even more flavor add some soy and melted butter. The trick is to not make it too salty.

Make sure to let the steak rest. You want to really bring this steak down to room temp before grilling or broiling, and then let it rest for at least 5 minutes before slicing it, so the juices redistribute.




Current Mood…Humeur du moment…































Summer’s closing …




It’s true I’m ready for fall and this summer was full of both good and bad memories. Talented Mr. Ripley captures perfectly these fleeting moments of summer, where sunsets must be fully appreciated before we start looking outside our windows at 5 pm to see that it is completely dark.

Haven’t we all come across a Tom Ripley in our lives? You know one that watches and mimics your every move. Ha, this is business-as-usual in the fashion blogging world. I’ve got this one chick (lanky gal with brown hair who can’t write for shit and isn’t funny at all) that likes to read this portal. Don’t worry though, she likes to keep me a secret. I wonder why. Sneaky sneaky!!! That “shtick” of yours ain’t gonna last very long babycakes.




Je voudrais ces Chaussures ….


Yes I absolutely adore these shoes above … I really really do. Brings me back to the old days. When I used to dress more like….What’s below….


This was wayyyy back in the day. When I used to wear fur, and everything studded. Remember it was like 80′s craze at this time and that “russian hooker” look was vibing.

Sometimes too much of that chain can be a bit violent looking. You know what I mean? Like too much bondage or whatever…and I’m not into “bdsm” at all but I do like it’s aesthetic language only when done moderately.

These boots below may be a much more “ladylike” option…

Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 5.17.14 PM



















I’ve been making some minor adjustments to my food intake. As of late I’m working in more salads, veggies, and protein heavy meals. No I am in no way ready for full on Paleo 24/7. I would LOVE to, because right now my new obsession is being 10 lbs thinner…but pasta is my second favorite food group after Steak. But last week was great, I was in the mood to go to Mamoun’s, a portal of broke and rich people varying from b-men types to students. It was right before heading downtown to meet someone…It’s become a “touristy” kind of place. And I remember being deliriously ravenous, starving the entire day from a 9-5 class schedule and coming here right at the end to indulge in 2 falafels and 1 shawarma. This was years ago.

If memory serves me correct, everything tasted better back then. The hot sauce was doable. This time I started bursting out in tears, my throat jammed with prickly pain as I lavishly poured this sauce on my mediterranean goods. Other people kept using this sauce and they seemed to be fine. Not me. But that was my mistake. I should have tested out this hot sauce before.

In the last photo I stand on a less than desirable floor situation, with a ton of lettuce that never made it to my mouth. Thank god I didn’t drip hot sauce and Tahini everywhere.

Whether or not it wasn’t as delicious as I remembered…I could still eat like 3-4 of these in a row. The falafel balls here are definitely “secret recipe” worthy material. Meaning you could try to mimic these at home but it just might not taste the same. This place is a must do, must see, attraction. Right up there with Cirque Du Soleil.




Green Curry Kit, 1 pot meal …

This is titled “one pot meal” but no I do not work for Food TV or Rachel Ray. It is one of my go to weekend meals (I don’t really eat dinner usually…and it’s too much to make for lunch…)…I did have some very strange cravings for it this morning.

It works as a great side soup if you’re doing a lite wrap or roast beef sandwich. It smells unbelievable as it is perfumed with a variety of herbs, and tons of basil and cilantro. The base for this stew is chicken stock along with some veggie stock. I used whatever I had left in my pantry. Some people just don’t like this curry. For me, it was more like an acquired taste. It didn’t take me long because I love this unique flavor…Well at whole foods this was the last curry pack left, so I guess the tides are turning. You’ll see people usually ordering red curry or something like this. My favorite place to eat this is at Penang.

If you’re insecure about this dish, use this kit. I like to get the full on paste they sell (separately) but this kit rations out portions (green curry to coconut milk ratio..and a packet of random herbs I don’t even know what they are..just throw it in..)… I don’t actually need this kit but everyone’s a little nervous making this for the first time. Parameters on how to “cook this right” are always iffy when you are not from Thailand.



That said you will also need fish sauce and broths. I’m using veggie and a little chicken stock. You want to go easy on these stocks because you really want to taste the green curry and coconut.



Start by cooking the chicken with the paste. You’ll add coconut milk (1 tablespoon) to the hot pan first. The directions behind this packet are excellent.


I cooked this in the microwave. Once you start cooking rice in a microwave it will be very hard to go back to doing things the old way. Wash the rice and add water. The amount of water is usually 1 inch taller above the rice line. Cook for at least 10 minutes. If the rice is too hard, fluff it up and push it back into the microwave. Keep playing it by ear until you get desired doneness.


I always add extra cilantro. You can also add small green peppers for heat, or add sriracha later after you serve.





You can eat this as a stew….Or soup. There are varying degrees of thickness. For example if you added a roux or something like this you’ll get something much pastier. I like it quite loose. Some people like to go heavy on the coconut and others curry. I’m sure there is some expert reading this who is actually from Thailand…There’s not a perfect way to do this dish for us non experts, just go with your gut…I’ve made this about 20 times or so in my life so I’m only getting the jist of it.. I like extra coconut and like to go heavier on the curry flavor. It’s literally a matter of throwing in veggies and chicken to a pot, the coconut milk will go last. I did not find any canned bamboo shoots so I skipped out. Never add beef to green curry the flavor doesn’t work. I’d suggest adding shrimp or fish even if you want to replace the chicken. Or do a mixture.

Serve hot over jasmine rice! Comfort food, can’t be beat.

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