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  • Tips on packing your holiday luggage

    luggage tenerife

    I’ve met women that feel perfectly fine with packing only the essential when going on a holiday. By this I mean a pair of shorts, maxi dress, and a beach dress, 3 T-shirts, 1 bathing suit, a linen shirt, a cardigan for chilly evenings, a scarf, a pair of flip-flops, a pair of canvas sneakers, […]

  • London Life
  • El-Vaquero Mill Hill – London


    Last night I went to El Vaquero with a few of my friends as a night out to celebrate one of my friends birthday and we had quite a night! At El Vaquero they have such a great system of serving. The waitress talked us through the process and we were straight to the salad bar, which […]

  • Fashion
  • Things that Piss Me Off – Michael Kors bags


    Michael Kors bags. I am a woman, and I love bags, but I really cannot understand the trend revolving around these utterly dull bags. I mean, okay, the quality is alright, but the models are something you will rapidly forget and the logo is merely mediocre. In fact, I believe Michael Kors bags are boring […]

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  • Fashion Cravings Spring/Summer 2016 : Stripes


    Stripes are a must-have of this warm season. And when I say stripes, I don’t mean those well-known nautical style blouses worn with a pair of jeans. This season, stripes will be worn from head to toe, in all the colours and possible directions, mixing them up so we can flatter our appearance according to […]