• Fashion
  • Accessorise in Style: How to Finish Off Your Outfit Perfectly with Jewellery


    You may have found a perfect outfit for a special occasion but in order to finish this off in style, it’s important that you accessorise properly. Choosing the right jewellery can make or break your outfit, so here are some handy tips as to how you achieve those all-important finishing touches. Add to Your Outfit […]

  • Lifestyle
  • Ditch the Ibs for your holiday


    Losing and maintaining weight before and during your summer trip doesn’t have to mean crash diets and depriving yourself. Tom Irving and Zoe Martin, nutritionists at Discount Supplements, gives us the 10 simple tricks you can do before and during your holiday to drop pounds without even realising. Before If you’re struggling to shift the […]

  • Travel
  • Best Fictional Statues in The World


    Traditionally statues were erected as a sign of royalty, wealth and power. Most cities around the world have at least one statue of an iconic citizen such as the Churchill figure in Parliament Square London. All around the world you can see statues that are in honour or events such as the Statue of Liberty […]

  • Home Improvement
  • Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom


    Do you feel that something is missing from your bedroom? Or perhaps you have the impression that the room is obsolete and may need some refreshment. Well, it is the room in which you rest, so you have to feel comfortable in it and to appreciate the surroundings. If you feel that you need to […]

  • Travel
  • Explore BC’s Powder Belt


    Picture this: you’re on a helicopter with your three closest friends. You’re flying through the Canadian Rocky Mountains, with an unobstructed birds eye view of the most breathtaking landscape in the world. Plains of white, untouched powder and towering evergreens flash by as you keep climbing and climbing until you reach the summit. But this […]

  • Home Improvement
  • Decorate with Scandinavian prints


    Would you like the space in your home or office to have a particular appearance and personality? You are not the type of person that enjoys traditional art too much? Well, with the help of Scandinavian prints, you will be able to decorate indoor spaces in a unique manner. Choose to be creative, to personalise […]

  • Fashion
  • Men’s Summer Style Essentials


    Whether you are getting ready to enjoy your vacation or you want to look good no matter where you go, here are a few summer style essentials for men that will definitely help you pull together outfits for any occasion that arises. Always buy polo shirts that fit you A polo shirt should be a must-have […]

  • Home Improvement
  • Homage to Great Design: The Art of Home Decor, Scandi Style


    Life’s too short for bad furniture. Opting for well chosen, beautifully designed and excellently made home furnishings is a far better way to decorate than picking up the cheapest discount plywood effort from somewhere everyone shops. That’s the Scandinavian attitude to the home – quality and durability over the cheap and cheerful. Here are some […]

  • Home Improvement
  • Tired of Your Décor? Quick Steps for a Summer Revamp


    Get your house ready for summer with home makeover that will get you loving spending time at home again. Out with the Old… First things first: have a spring clean this summer. Having a declutter is one of the most cathartic ways to make your home feel more pleasant to spend time in. Clutter has […]

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  • How to Show Off Your Style at Work


    Dressing for work can be a difficult game when you want to look stylish, but still be a boss in the boardroom. Take a look at these work dressing tips that will help you strike a balance between smart and creative. Tailoring Tailoring may not be every day casual style, but you can play with […]