Short films ….

The word film sounds so pretentious but actually I mean “moving image” in 15 second clips. The 15 clip mark is due to Instagram and they have a time limit. I actually like this, it forces you to be as fast as possible.

My favorite thing is making these quick videos on my phone and publishing it directly to instagram. Sure makes you question what it means to be a “Director” nowadays. Everyone can be.

I’m making kimchI fried rice below. Very simple and easy I was using leftover rice and kimchi, along with the addition of ham, nori, garlic, and onions. It wasn’t the best (you shouldn’t use a bowl to cook this but I had no other option) but it was satisfying. Kimchi fried rice is cooked best in a large pan, you allow it to crust on the bottom, it’s really the best. This one had no crust, again, because I used a pot.

I hate to use the word “peasant” food but this is more like “street food” in Korea, very common and cheap thing you eat when you are like starving. They serve this even at MEGU which is like you know the type of place Donald Trump eats at….Send Help! I’m scared Jen Brill “BRILLAPALOOZA” (her instagram name) is going to either go to MEGU or make KIMCHI FRIED RICE!!! Sup Jen!!!

You have to request me to follow what I’m doing on instagram. The name is “curatedlist” one word. I always thought the idea of having a private instagram was bad, because I want my work & research to be easily accessible. But now? I absolutely love it. Nobody can stalk me from afar. I have not been accepting everyone, if your account looks suspicious I will reject it.




No Dish Entertaining….






Veggie with Hummus paste.








Okay so you’re in a hurry, maybe 6-7 people are nearby coming to your house to meet up or whatever, this spread is a quick solution. Do it fast but not sloppy is always my entertaining motto.

I hate the word “entertaining” when it comes to serving people food I mean I’m not your monkey but this is how we run things here in America… “to entertain” can mean anything from being a stripper to a person throwing a casual dinner at home.

Right here I have like, chicken and mozzarella, grilled veggie, prosciutto and arugula, simple tomato pesto and mozzarella..

I don’t like doing dishes, does anyone else? It’s a waste of water and detergent.

Just thinking of ways to eliminate any work in the process of serving food. Sandwiches are an easy crowd pleaser and with this you get the freedom to serve a variety.

  • There is always a vegetarian lurking around ready to fuck your whole spread up so be prepared.
  • Use a paper towel just to present this feeling of “Extra cleanliness”…
  • Serve something sweet with something salty, someone in the crowd is already full and ready for dessert when they arrive…
  • Never forget a chicken option…
  • Gather all foods into one central area, in this case I used a large wooden bowl.
  • Leave plates and napkins nearby (obvious)…
  • Always do half of what was expected.

I have dated several men recently and in the past, one thing about men they are all the same they love sandwiches. I have to say this again because some delusional punk is going to think I dedicated this post to him. This has nothing to do with you you or you. Get a grip.




Text me….

I love texting you do too right? I mean like via phones. Because you never say goodbye, you don’t have to say hello. It’s always a continuous conversation with long silences…Well at least for me. My friends complain…this one time I had a friend’s mom text me something important. The mom was like “Ji didn’t respond…”…Ha! My friend goes “That’s Ji Mom…she’s just like that…sometimes no one can get a hold of her for months…”

I mean it’s nothing personal. Sometimes I disappear for days. I hardly live in reality. I’m either lost in a book, driving…sewing, cooking, making videos or just like thinking privately. But ‘friends’ are so annoying. I mean you’re not a plant. Maybe … don’t make me feel obligated to water you. Sometimes I go, sometimes I’m here…Just …. people take everything SO personally.

The only time I feel obligated is when it’s a family member, or if it was my boyfriend, or when I’m married. But even “boyfriends”…I never feel guilty if they don’t hear from me. I don’t owe a man anything, if he wants me everyday, he can marry me.

If you’re kind of into a guy you can give him a subtle message with some lighters…Look at how efficient this is! I truly miss my “morpheus” from Matrix Sunnies. Lost these somewhere…They were all customized with prescription lenses and mirrored tint…ugh.


One time I even lied to this guy I was casually seeing. I also believe that as a woman, you always date with the upper hand. Don’t give a man your soul, honesty, loyalty, exclusivity or even…your time..don’t even tell him “where you’re located”. Just pretend he is a “light acquaintance” because with guys, you never know. One minute they’re hot for ya, the next day they’ve hooked up with someone else…This guy kept bombarding me so I lied and said I was “leaving the country” for a week or two and wasn’t going to use my phone because of “international charges”…It was all bullshit, I just said that so I could have a break…I mean I couldn’t be rude or anything. What do I tell him? “I’m going to possibly disappear from your life, and I may even decide for this to be permanent…”…It would be so mean!!!

Fuck off necklace with Luxirare White Harness. I’m wearing a crisp button down shirt with pleats. I love to open like two buttons…like you know … “sexy” vibes or whatever. Now, if you’re planning on breaking up with a poor fella, just see him for dinner and wear this necklace. It should passive aggressively let him know that you’re done with him.





Mini Whiskey Dispensers


I’ve always loved this idea of something being served at the table. I love this idea, too, of “serving yourself”. I mean like, I don’t work for you, ha. You want to drink, dispense it yourself.

Ages ago I did this entire whiskey post and found myself at TUTHILLTOWN Distilleries, and received great service from the owners along with some complimentary *ahem* goodies. A mini whiskey barrel I thought was the CUTEST thing ever, and I brought this home with me to use. Unfortunately I don’t know where it went. In case you want to know what I am very good at, it’s losing things. Because I’m 100% sure I didn’t sell it.

Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 10.37.01 AM

Anyhow you can find this version of a “mini” whiskey barrel dispenser at UNCOMMON GOODS for $80-$125, you can have the option of branding it but I don’t really care about having my name on the barrel. Seriously! And anyway you can find a cheaper mini whiskey dispenser at Tuthilltown’s ESHOP….It’s ($60) and it’s the same exact thing. I think you can also personalize it (though I’m not 100% sure..) I mean like the entire point of this whiskey barrel is that #1 it’s miniature and #2 it’s self-serve. All other points are futile. Like, if your friends came over to drink whiskey with you I sure hope they know your name!!! I don’t need the godamn barrel to have my name spelt out like I’m some kind of celeb….

Check out more of Tuthilltown’s unique accessories here.

**If you notice anything different about my blog logo it’s because a kind fella e-mailed me and told me my “header” was all pixelated… Thank you for all the smooth j-pegs Daniel J. !!!!!**




Stone dispenser ….

Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 10.17.20 AM

Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 10.16.51 AM

There’s something going on, like I previously stated, with stones or concrete. From jewelry to alcohol dispensers …. It’s all interrelated, again, Like I said and keep saying. This one is kind of cool but I’ve already done the “champagne” dispenser thing. So I just don’t care all that much. But if you like this, it’s available at Uncommon Goods. I just think $125 is ridiculous also because if I was truly desperate to have something like this at my home? I’ll go to Home Depot, and tip a construction worker (who specializes in kitchen installation or sink installation) generously and do it myself. If I have time I’ll tackle this DIY and share it with you. Again, I work non stop so who knows if I will actually have time.




Moss is always perfection


Now, didn’t I say this might be become a Kate Moss Candid Blog?!?!??! Just kidding. I swear. I’ll give you “extrarare” style posting because “nothing luxury about me” ha! No but I love this off the shoulder peasant dress. It’s like vintage Calvin Klein or something…but this always looks frumpy on most people … No, not on Kate Moss.

Luxury bores me right now. “Rare” bores me too. Hey wasn’t like A$AP Rocky using the term “VERY RARE” or something I mean like …. shut up. And I’m sorry but what does Virgil Abloh’s “OFF WHITE” label mean. And what’s HBA….? What are all these fashion labels I mean they don’t even make any sense. *Yawn*

If you’re wondering why I’m not posting the usual 203902834 photos in a row with high contrast lighting and me pouring champagne into weird looking cups it’s because everywhere I turn I see it. On pinterest people are all doing the same thing and it’s fine but I mean…… Who isn’t either trying to be luxurious or trying to succeed at that? I feel like I have nowhere to turn. Ikea is now selling beaker lab glassware. West Elm is yuppie-pretense as usual. I mean seriously. I just hate that truffles feel passe and Laduree looks like skittles. It’s all boring.

So I am trying to think right now. What is my next direction… I am just thinking out loud because you know what I hate? I hate “Creators” that are doing the same thing over and over again. I hate DJ’s that continue to sling their usual style. should really be named “”…Or wait what about “”….I mean all of my least favorite bloggers (fine, seaofshoes is exempt) post on there.

My ultimate goals in life, and now I’m seriously not joking, is to just have enough gas to drive around, consume books….go to the mall, play games on my iPad, watch youtube on my iPhone, and sew some bags or something…I’d be happy just like this. I really do want to save the world but I’m so exhausted.

And lastly I am craving that croco-bag of hers in the photo, and I suddenly feel the urge to do some very raw croco bags.




E-SHOP back in action….


I’m very sorry if you have been trying to purchase any items from the shop…for about 7 months now the E-shop was closed. I know if you e-mailed you were very confused as to why you weren’t able to “Add to cart”. I never announce anything, you know if the “add to cart” button isn’t there it’s enough communication for me.

Anyway I’m getting too many e-mails now from customers about not being able to purchase items at their leisure. I have taken some time out to update stock and re-price items. For example, these iphone 4 wallet necklaces are no longer “As relevant” because, well, you’re probably using a 5 now. So they’ve been re-priced and re-titled as mesh wallets…Thank you for reading and shopping as usual, it’s always amazing, I wonder why people even buy my stuff…or read this blog.

Much more will be added to the e-shop so stay stuned.

Shipping is still international and e-mail if you have any questions. More soon.




Avocado Salt and Pepper Shakers

Screen shot 2014-08-06 at 11.28.07 AM

Screen shot 2014-08-06 at 11.28.18 AM

Some unique salt and pepper shakers, no? By Daina Platais….I can imagine this in any rustic ocean side villa near Ischia, Italy…




Palle D’oro, Florence Italy




If you can believe it, I’m currently going through my files and trying to clean up my desktop. For about 2 weeks now it has been pure traffic jam, kind of like going cross-town during rush hour. Basically I can’t even see my desktop. Ha. Right now though I’m unloading some jaypegs that have never been published from my ‘Italy files’. I forget how much I snapped but if you can believe it a lot hasn’t even published! And this was from years ago.

Good thing I have these files saved up because Palle D’oro was one of my favorite restaurants that I forgot to mention. It’s classic Florentine Italian which means you get a good deal of cold plates, steak, and some insanely good risotto.

This is either Soppressata Picante or Spicy Salami…


Ugh, so good. Air dried meat, what’s it called, it’s like Capicola or something like this. Anyone can correct me. My mind is full of clutter at the moment and I am multi-tasking about 4-5 different jobs. It’s amazing though because they place it on top of fresh arugula and shaved parmesan for a feisty and peppery bite.


In italy they put everything on bread. Crusty bread. I prefer to stay far away from carbs but when you are traveling all the rules go out the window.


Spicy pepper stuffed with..sausage it seems? It could be something else…




Ugh, quite possibly the freshest and most delicious ravioli.


These are finished with a light mushroom sauce or eggplant sauce.



Mushroom risotto.




Steak medium rare with a runny sauce (probably done with cooked juices and wine) with a heavy peppercorn finish.



Technically this restaurant “PALLE D’ORO” means GOLDEN BALLS in English. I should have asked the owner what that was about but you know honestly I was too busy laughing with this old italian (neapolitan) craftsman. I apprenticed with him to learn how to make my own bags, and he took me to italy. He showed me where the “insiders” eat but also over a couple of beers I can’t help but laugh with him when he mentions my brand name…”You know I don’t know why you call it “Luxirare”…Nothing luxury about you sweetie…” It’s true, only partially. I am like, not that serious in real life..And I love to joke around. And he goes on to say maybe you change your name to “extrarare”….Ha!

Uhm, and how many of you were assuming I’m a “Team”…Get a grip! Just because you cannot imagine yourself working nearly 24/7 don’t assume others don’t! And I know the hardworking ones who read this blog. Because they don’t doubt others that work hard, they have no reason to believe I’m a liar. The rest of you can keep thinking what you want. Anyhow, hope you enjoyed these..yet again…DSLR shots.

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