Daria by Bird


Currently obsessing over this editorial, modeled by Daria Werbowy, shot by Cass Bird. WOW!





Caviar Purse


(Image via Vault Magazine)

The minute I think of the words Caviar Purse, I think of food, you know those Beggar’s purses…little pouches with caviar and creme fraiche, ingredients that are classic components to serving caviar…Olympia Le Tan has just created the perfect holiday gift with these bags by using conventional graphics featured on caviar tins.

Love the blue ones…(Image below via Olympia Le Tan Tumblr.)





Christmas wishes…


Photo above features Camo leather lunchbox bag by Logan Zane, and the new Samsung Galaxy Camera phone.







BYOB, but also, Bring your own lunch. Honestly though this is really just an excuse to push a new fried rice agenda. If you’re fastidious enough at 6 am when you’re alarm goes off, not entertaining suicidal thoughts, then maybe this is the perfect lunchbox for you.





Slapdash Mexican-Thai Steak Salad

I just had to share this salad because I am pretty sure you will love it, and it’s one that you can easily prepare at home. Unlike some of the other food content on here, ingredients here accessible, maybe people who read this with a more sophisticated palette might look at this and go, wow this is more Houlihan’s than chic. Okay but you know you love the stuffed shrooms at Houlihans’ so don’t act like you’re above it!!

Anyway, the story behind this salad is that I was in a slightly cracked out state of mind when I made it. It’s kind of mexican (there are corn tortillas here!) but also kind of Thai (peanut dressing)…with a medium rare Hanger steak sliced very thinly on top. I had some random ingredients sitting in my fridge and decided to put it together, kind of like how you make Sangria. I do suggest serving Sangria with this. In fact I’m confident this salad is a crowd pleaser, so definitely a must if you’re into throwing holiday parties.


Ingredients: Thinly sliced carrots, red cabbage, pear (yes it’s awesome in here!), romaine lettuce, corn tortillas, fresh corn off the cob, a ton of cilantro, and some scallion at the end.





Sangria Soda

This sangria was part of another recipe I was about to post, I always like to add a drink with a meal in my post, otherwise it feels so incomplete, but since there are so many photos here I just had to divide and conquer. The situation with Sangria is similar to making a fantastic meal out of leftovers. Definitely use some cheap red wine, but make sure to add some fresh fruit. Everyone has their own way of doing Sangria and that’s the beauty of this, there is no ‘must’ here. Using pricey wine for Sangria is not a shrewd move, anything over 10$ a bottle for this and you’re just being excessive. The whole idea is to mask the cheapness here with other flavors you know?

Today I am adding a little twist by making it super carbonated. I tried using Poland Spring, but I’m so greedy!! I just want tons of bubbly, almost to the point where it’s painful. There were also some people on instagram curious about my recipe, well here it is, I do have some little tricks up my sleeve for some Sangria you and your buddies will love (I hope so at least!!). Not an exact recipe at all, but all you need to know is what ingredients I’m using and you can play it by ear, match it to your taste buds.


Above you’ll see one of my favorite things to add for Sangria is not only some Orange juice, but some Peach Schnapps. Also, you can ignore the Poland Spring, because I found a better way to add concentrated fizz. For extra flavor I am also using crushed fresh pomegranate, and some uncrushed for the Sangria…





Making the best of it

With this storm there really was no choice but to deal. By the 2-3-4th day of having no power (I forget which day because the days just all blended into one big blob after losing electricity) I realized there was no food in my fridge! Of course I still had this cheese wheel and bottles of wine. I finished all the ramen, all the veggies went bad so they had to be thrown out..etc. I did watch a lot of movies on Netflix (from my phone) and even though I have been known to cancel, start/ cancel, start/ my netflix account over and over again..having Netflix this time around was definitely a luxury.






Try this: Oxbone Soup

Uhm, yea. I was really not humble about this Sandy Storm. It was only today that everything was working 100%, internet, power, heat, all that…You know I thought this was another Irene ordeal and was like, yea I’m sure something bad is going to happen. Oh boy bad things did happen. And now it’s freezing and snowing and there are still people without power that I just can’t even deal with that either because I feel like I don’t want to have power either unless I know everyone has it.

Never in my life have I experienced this before, and it was worse because there was real work I needed to do and couldn’t do because everything I do either involves internet or machines. For 6 days I had no heat, light, and food all gone too because fridge was dead. Luckily I had the means to head to the spa for some R&R but I was also grateful to have a dry bed and a roof over my shoulders. Hotels were all booked, didn’t feel like putting out friends either.

Anyway, on the 2nd or 3rd day of this blackout, I had already gone mad, but thankfully some restaurants were open. This soup below is of the Korean kind, oxbone broth but with slices of tender brisket, noodles and rice and I ate it at a time when I had been freezing and hungry, so it tasted so delicious, more delicious than I remember…and it’s like a hot stew so it’s just the perfect thing to eat during winter which is why I’m suggesting it for you now in case you are looking for something new to eat. Flavor description…so if you love the flavor of bone-marrow, just imagine the bone-marrow broth version of sorts, kind of creamy this broth and super mild. What was weird was that I had posted this on my instagram days ago and 2 non koreans left comments about how they LOVED this soup and it was one of their favorites. I thought that was so weird because most non koreans go for the bbq and are like yea I just ate ‘KOREAN’ food..uh, sure pal! I just think that’s laughable obviously because korean bbq is one of the most boring korean things you can eat, but nonetheless I was happy to see that maybe this soup is more common than I think, amongst non koreans at least. Okay so enough of my rambling..try it! Address to a location here.

Picture 7




Dough via iPhone

A friend of a friend recommended this new doughnut place, she knows I love donuts from doughnut plant. And now I am craving some, even though these photos are from a while ago. The problem with Dough, at least for me, is that it’s like really far into Brooklyn, and good thing I was in the ‘hood to have lunch with a good friend, so we went to Dough for dessert. For some reason I thought there was one in the city, is there? I tried to find Dough and I couldn’t.. (This was after I had those sandwiches, remember the Willie Special??)…But anyway she told me that Dough’s donuts are a combination of both Krispy Kreme and Doughnut plant, so I had to check it out.



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