• Luxury
  • Luxury gifting ideas for her

    Would you like to impress the lady in your life? Well, then you will have to do some research, because the fine things are not always available in regular places. Also, know that you don’t have to spend a fortune, if the gift you make is well-chosen. Women that are confident, sensual, always knowing what […]

  • Lifestyle
  • Relocating and Considering the Design of Your Office Space

    Rethinking the design of your office space can be great for both improving your productivity and wellbeing. Office environments can often feel stuffy, look tiered and worn, which tends to reflect poorly on your work ethic without you even noticing. If you’re relocating then this is the perfect opportunity to reconsider the design of your […]

  • Lifestyle
  • Finding Yoga Art Inspiration

    There are many different tastes that appear in art. No matter what type of artist you are, there are some topics that are of high interest for you and some topics that you will not care that much about. Since you are here you have a huge interest in yoga. The great thing about it […]

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  • What to Look for in a Luxury Venue for an Important Event

    Party and event planning can be quite a headache, as it’s fair to say you have quite a lot to think about. More importantly though, your key aim is that all the attendees, or the person the event is for, has an enjoyable time, which is where the surroundings matter the most. So why not […]

  • Fashion
  • How to accessorize

    To accessorise is a primordial human need. Accessories are in the top of the list with objects discovered by archaeologists, who also find all sorts of old pottery items, although the world is not too interested in these. It is interesting to see that, if we would have to bury our dead like in the […]

  • Fashion
  • How many of each?

    Besides the list (useful I hope) with the pieces that should compose the base of your wardrobe, I also thought to tell you how many of each you will need. Okay, do have in mind that the following list is equal to the minimum necessary – it is never a bad idea to have more! […]

  • Fashion
  • Happy Birthday, Libra girl!

    If you were born under the sign of air, this doesn’t mean that you are in the clouds. Taking as a symbol your birth sign, your great taste when it comes to fashion is a good indicator of what the stars wanted you to become. This aspect is even truer in the morning, when you […]

  • Fashion
  • How to put together the base of your wardrobe

    Smart buyers know that a complete wardrobe starts with a set of basic elements. These items in which you invest at start (and which you replace on the way, as they get damaged) must fit your silhouette and size, they must be made out of quality materials and, most important, to have cuts that will […]

  • Fashion
  • How to wear burgundy

    If you like cherry red or burgundy – a darker shade of red, very similar to the color of red wine – assorting the colors can turn into a child’s play. You will be surprised to see that cherry red is extremely versatile. I simply love it when this color comes to life in the […]

  • Fashion
  • Fashion Week Conversations

    There are so many things connected to the weeks of fashion that you cannot describe if you weren’t there to witness them. From the power of music chosen to make a show (which can go from transcendental to something incredibly outdated), up to the strange familiarity you feel towards the people (always the same!) with […]