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Crispy Penne

I love baked penne sometimes and the best part are those little crunchy edges. I boiled my penne until it was really soft and then I coated them in a little water and olive oil..Then I just baked them until they got very blistered and crispy on top.






Rose Granola

Quick post here, this is part of a bigger post but I had to break it down because it’s too much. If you like rose scented things you will love this. I love rose flavored macarons, but it works beautifully with granola.






Warm Chicken Salad

Many times when I shoot food for the blog, I go the extra mile (maybe even 10 more extra miles) to label, package, and present the food..sometimes the recipes are complicated and I have an image I want to produce so I go out of my way to get the exact image I want..BUT most of the time (on a day to day basis) I eat very simple things. Really not sitting around eating truffles and caviar all day if that is what you are thinking.




For dinner I like a hearty, warm salad without the carbs. I usually saute chinese cabbage tips (bok choy), even though I am not Chinese this is like, my favorite vegetable- this and snow pea leaves..which are also common in Chinese cuisine…. So much better than Spinach in my opinion. I also serve this with some grilled chicken in my marinade (longer it sits the better). Everyone has their special ‘marinade’ right? For chicken at least…






Alex Gaidouk

This person kindly e-mailed me to introduce himself and to say he enjoyed reading my blog. Fortunately he also sent me a link to his work. Most of the time I won’t spend much time going through the website, unless of course you get sucked in and you realize you just spent 30 minutes of your time meticulously combing through this person’s photography. Here are some of my favorites. Out of these favorites #7 is my absolute favorite but #1 could possibly fight with that… Which one is yours? Choose a number because I’m curious to know which one you like most. And, check out the rest of his work here

**Edit** There is also another review on HAPSICAL blog about Alex Gaidouk if you want to read something substantial to go with it, not much of a writer here!






Breakfast Routine

Can’t get enough of Almond Milk and Raisin Bran with a hint of cinnamon thrown in.






Evocative Imagery

There were many images from the previous post that we meant to share, but couldn’t because then it’d drive you guys insane. We decided to separate the posts so we could share some evocative imagery that inspired us to create the previous design. There were so many forms we looked at before we went ahead to produce the final prototype.

Of course our main inspiration was bikers.





Night Riders

The first time I met Anastasia Radevich was for lunch at Fred’s (Barney’s top floor)- this was almost like 8 months ago… I was excited to meet her- from her designs I could only assume that she was  very smart and talented. We ended up having a four hour lunch, and out of that lunch came an opportunity for a collaboration. We talked about how much we loved leather jackets, motorcycles, night time, and it seemed like we could agree on a lot of things when it came to craftsmanship and design. When I met Anastasia, she had a beautifully quilted leather jacket on. I was wearing my plain black snakeskin jacket.

I am assuming that many of you thought this was going to be a shoe, but we both wanted to do a leather jacket…Some of Anastasia’s shoes are not only beautiful but also technology driven, and I have a lot of experience with leather jackets, so we decided to bring these strengths together to create something that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. We discussed how at night, there are many motorbike related accidents because there’s not much light-there are many motorbike accidents in general just because there is absolutely no protection for your body, but at night time there is less visibility. From far away it’s very hard to see these bikers, and the way they ride is very aggressive sometimes, they just come out of nowhere. Our idea was to bring more light to the rider, so that you could see them coming from afar. The main reason why I wanted to collaborate was because I thought it would be cool to have Anastasia design something that’s not a shoe, and on my part I was just filled with curiosity. I never worked with integrating light into a leather jacket, so I knew it would be a huge challenge. And now that we’re done, I can’t believe it, because this project was really difficult for both of us.

In this post we’ll take you through the whole creative process and our final prototype. It’s a lot but we kind of want you guys to see how we came up with design details and the choices we made a long the way, just so you understand why it looks the way it does at the end.






Getting ready for you

Today’s work will be outside, and I am putting together the final touches. I am wearing my dad’s golf shirt (took it a while ago), men’s trousers, and my iPad bag. Little secret, this ipad bag is the first thing I ever designed and showcased on the blog that I actually like and am proud to wear out. All of the other designs that came before it, I really hate them, the clothes kind of creep me out. This iPad bag was the first time I stopped wearing my heart on my sleeve while designing, where I started thinking about real world usability and functionality…and it was the first time I stood back and objectively said, this is a decent design.



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