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  • Tired of Your Décor? Quick Steps for a Summer Revamp


    Get your house ready for summer with home makeover that will get you loving spending time at home again. Out with the Old… First things first: have a spring clean this summer. Having a declutter is one of the most cathartic ways to make your home feel more pleasant to spend time in. Clutter has […]

  • Fashion
  • How to Show Off Your Style at Work


    Dressing for work can be a difficult game when you want to look stylish, but still be a boss in the boardroom. Take a look at these work dressing tips that will help you strike a balance between smart and creative. Tailoring Tailoring may not be every day casual style, but you can play with […]

  • Lifestyle
  • Perfect Birthday Gift for Your Dearest Mom


    Buying gift for your mom could be challenging. Of course you wish to give her the best and the sweetest present especially for her special day – her birthday. However, sometimes, it is just too darn difficult to find some ideas. Well, today is your lucky day because I am going to give you some […]

  • Beauty
  • Review – Escentric Molecules 03


    If you think that most perfumes are either too sweet, too oriental, or smelling too universal, like they were made to satisfy masses, you need to try one that will underline your individuality. And if you like innovative things, appreciating the use of science and technology to make life better, you are going to like […]

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  • How to Get That Modern Scandinavian Style


    When tasked with redesigning your home, you’ll want the ideal mix of form, function and beauty, and Scandinavian designs will ensure you get all three – and then some. Here are some of the key features to look out for when choosing Scandinavian furniture. Versatility of Scandi Furniture As with the vast majority of Scandinavian […]

  • Beauty
  • The Value of Using High-Quality Luxury Beauty Products


    Beauty products are a great way to stay feeling young, healthy and fresh. When you use beauty products and feel better about your appearance; this can also do wonders for your mental health and help to boost your self-esteem and confidence. It is understandable then why so many people spend money on these products and […]

  • Travel
  • 5 Facts You Should Know About Your Passport

    Wooden table with things for travel

    Holiday season is in full swing, and for most of us we spend a large amount of time researching, planning and counting down the days until our big vacation. But thousands of travellers each year end up being turned away from check in or security desks for reasons surrounding their passports, ending a trip before […]

  • Fashion
  • Feel like a 50s Fashion Icon with a High Waisted Bikini

    Marilyn Monroe at her Hollywood home1952

    The fashion industry is an ever-changing world that is finally beginning to embrace the many curves of the female body. Plus-size women don’t always have the trendiest option when it comes to swimwear. This swim season, however, is different. Women of all sizes and shapes should take a look at the new high waisted bikini […]

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  • The ultimate trend for your kitchen’s countertops


    Are you looking to redecorate your kitchen and you would enjoy something modern, trendy, and elegant at the same time? How about if you could bring something from your personality in your kitchen in a unique manner? If you want to make your kitchen one of the most appreciated rooms in your home, there is […]

  • Fashion
  • Fashion Cravings: Slip dresses

    slip dress

    This year, the trend for all things slinky, silky – the slip dress is THE must have dress in fashion this summer, with everyone from Calvin Klein to Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney championing the boudoir look. Lingerie as outerwear? It may sound like something we left behind in the 90s, but the slip dress […]