You know the entire industry of fashion and accessories has officially run out of ideas when designers, as featured above (tag them if you like I’ve got no time and don’t care enough to…) are now making hamsters spin. I’m spinning in my head! Who needs a Carnival on their finger? Is this Cirque Du Soleil..or a piece of jewelry…

Some person on instagram said my style was “ugly” and not in a mean or offensive way at all. I just don’t have time to be dressed up (like I had before) and primp myself in front of a camera all day. Unlike other hamsters I choose a profession that requires some kind of brains and expertise. I hardly sleep and that is totally reflected in my style as of late. I guess it’s sort of like half bartender half cleaning lady. But I don’t really care so long as my Mercedez is waiting for me outside..That’s a lie. I care. Ugh.




half & half trend

Another trend I’m seeing more and more in design and lighting is this “halfie” trend. Half covered in chrome, or solid concrete, and half flushed with glaring, blinding light, it’s a wonderful way to add a high contrast situation to your home or accessories.

I love a dim surrounding, I’m like a bat. I could live in windowless rooms, swear to God! I don’t mind it at all. Actually I’m very sensitive to light, my eyes that is. I love light that’s more moody and ambient.

Below we start out with a half gold and half lucite ring. It may be something else, this transparent stone, I’m never sure, but you can always correct me.





So modern, loopy light half dipped in gold.


Half crome light bulb.


So cool, chic and industrial this raw bulb sits on top of what is work essential for professional photogs. Nowadays you’ll see people who carry hi end DSLRs – it means nothing.. Who can’t pick up a fancy camera and snap? Everyone can. Me I save time by using my iPhone. I also don’t care for that “I’m an emo photographer from highschool” look. You know the kind of youngster with artistic tendencies that carries around a huge camera with them. I mean do you also carry Nabokov in your back pocket…Probably.


High contrast bag, Half see through and half solid.


I may have to indulge in some more photo research, but for now here are my favorite light and accessories looks. Go half & half, when it doubt!




Celine’s next campaign


Philo’s campaigns and designs have become so predictable and boring. Some commenter mentioned that Daria Werbowy snowboards. Alright fine. I’d rather see a campaign of someone not being a poser! Daria should be shown modeling, flying mid air with a flash directed by….none other than…..Jeurgen Teller!! Big surprise there!

This dumb and hideous robot faced celine bag has popped on everyone from Kim Kardashian to gay men. I was always annoyed by this bag and I still am. Even my friends have them and I’m like…ok whatever. I never follow trends. I do what I like and stick to my guns. If a trend seems ridiculous, I don’t buy into it. I stayed far away from those celine bags, only because I can make them, and quite frankly I save up for you know who! Saint Laurent baby!

I couldn’t help but add in those even dumber Celine print skateboards. If you can’t shred like a real baller, stop posing. You look ridiculous.




Why I don’t watch Seinfeld….



As Nina just recently commented on my previous post “this post completely sucks” I am now “crying” and “shaking” in my DIY boots. Oh wait no I’m not. That’s cause her “shred” was so weak I’m laughing. Wow. My post sucks. Get a grip! I don’t owe you award winning material baby cakes.

Anyhow I’ve hated Seinfeld all of my life. No hate’s too strong a word. His show was so boring that it was just complete indifference that I felt. I didn’t even know about his show until I was in college.

His taste in cars suck too. Porsches are for men who have money but don’t know what to buy. It’s like that ratchet side chick material who suddenly discovers Neiman Marcus and buys everything by Tory Burch. Seriously, all those greenbacks wasted. Tory Burch does look nice in Starbucks though. It’s got that “I carry my purse like this and drink a skinny pumpkin spice latte” vibe. Anyway back to Jerry. His retarded comedy doesn’t have me fooled but I’m completely stupified by his 1966 policed porsche. Does the pal have any common sense?

I think Seinfeld’s comedy grew popular because..well…It has it’s appeal amongst stupid people who haven’t seen real comedy. It’s seriously so boring, the show. I mean I tried to watch it. I really did. I hardly laughed. I don’t even get why it’s popular or why people watch it. And then this clip below. OH MAN. Katt Williams had me on the floor laughing. I never saw Mike Richards use the N word. But he really shouldn’t. You can only use it if you’re black and I still hate it when black people use it. It’s just the most offensive word ever. How can we as human beings ever use the word? It’s like going around calling all jewish folks “holocaust”. It’s a word that comes from a place of pain. It’s a word that white people used because they assumed black people were “not humans” who deserved to be free from slavery. Why would any black or white person use that word? Regardless of what the Nazi symbol actually means, regardless of what it’s really derived from, you don’t use that symbol! Not to make a fashion statement or any kind of statement. The symbol it stands for today is the Holocaust, when the german army randomly gathered human beings and tortured them.




Roll alone…


A lot of young women struggle today not only with romantic relationships, but also within their interpersonal relationships. I like to say, I’m researching not only material goods (fashion, furniture…yada yada, trust me it’s all bullshit…) but I also study people. One pattern you’ll notice is this need to find a clique and quickly fit into it. This requires a good deal of fake relationships, fake people, and all around faking in general.

Many of these relationships can complicate your life, so start detecting signs of a toxic friend early, before it’s too late. Women are complicated creatures. It’s no wonder I head to a bar at 3 pm on a SUNDAY only to find a group of close male friends (middle aged) who bond over their crazy wives who completely stress them out. Anyway here are some things I’ve noticed:

  • Likes to hear about all of your problems, but rarely reveals her own. Any conversation is her constantly trying to pry information out of you or her consoling you. This is her best effort to “act like” she wants to get to know you. Don’t fall for it. She’s just juicing in information. Unless this girl is a reporter, journalist, or professional writer that you’re working with, don’t trust her.
  • A lot of women like to hear about my problems, or so I’ve noticed. I think I inspire envy or jealousy in other women. I really don’t know why I don’t try to do this. I’m naturally open and genuine in real life, and you know, I always try to do the right thing. Even still, women have always had something against me. I play into it for a bit. I’ll pretend my life is “so hard” when really I’m very happy. This is to, in my hopes, get them to calm down and not hate me so much. It’s not my fault my life seems better than yours. These are all choices open to women, so take them. Don’t resent me. It is your choice to be happy. So take it. It is your choice to be confident. Don’t blame me for “fucking up” your confidence because that is something you fucked up yourself.
  • Gets jealous or resentful the minute another man shows an interest in hooking up with you. May try to sabotage it if she finds out first.
  • Can’t handle your career upgrades. Can’t handle hearing about them either. So easily you’ve stopped bragging. Even still, she might find out through her friends, she may be stalking your instagram, and she’ll still resent you. Stay far away.
  • Needs to have you do everything on her terms. “Meet me here” even though you agreed on a better place for both of you earlier. Why should she leave her house if she’s lazy?
  • Can’t handle you keeping your legs crossed. Mostly women who are catty, jealous, and constantly put others down are also women who suffer from low self-esteem. They are easy lays, slutty, and seething with resent when you are a prideful confident woman who is able to keep her legs shut tight. Don’t take advice from women like this. They want you to be just as “easy” and slutty as they are.
  • The minute you start acting nice and considerate is the minute she smells “insecurity” and takes full advantage by presenting her “bitch card”. This means she might try to get you to do things her way. If you want to be friends with this woman, know that women like this are best dealt with even more of a big bitch attitude. There may a bitch at your work who constantly treats you like shit. Listen do not take shit from her just stand your grand and be bitchy right back. Women like these put on a front of bitchiness because they think you are “weak” when really you are just considerate. Do not waste your considerations for such women, the only thing that works is silence and passive aggressive bitchiness. This is something that has helped me as of late. I have been acting like, really bitchy. Oh whaddaya know! These bitches are very nice to me. Now if a woman is actually nice to you, be nice back. You save your bitchy vibes for bitches only, yes?
  • I used to have a friend that would put on a performance of being “weak” and even fainting (yes, really, she would fake faint). She did this in order to victimize herself and pry special treatment out from others. I don’t talk to her anymore. We’re not friends – anymore. I’m much happier now. She was the most stuck up snot who always had to do things her way and couldn’t handle things happening organically. Whenever you are with a girl like this in a group she assumes the position of leader and it’s her way or the highway. Get a grip. Oh here’s my Irish Goodbye. Better use it.
  • In college my best friend really screwed me up. Now it was my choice to be best friends with her. She was the most jealous, vindictive loser. She was resentful of me because I had it all. Confidence, freedom, and authenticity. She loved me because I was funny. She couldn’t handle me, but at the same time needed me because I added fun and comedy to her life. Countless times she would always drop me out of nowhere. I didn’t care. I was relieved when I did not hear from her. She added so much stress to my life and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I was so nice and forgiving towards her. One day, she e-mailed me out of the blue begging for me to take her back. I deleted it and never spoke to her again. She was done in my world and still is. Ladies, if a woman is screwing you up, LEAVE. I can’t be generous forever. All of my classmates hated her, I was the only one who tried to help out, I felt so bad because she was like this outcast. Even the teachers couldn’t stand her. She kept blaming everyone else, but it was her that was the problem. Not us, not the teachers. Cut your losses and be done. You can’t afford to look back. It is always better to roll alone and leave room to find new friends, rather than stay with the old ones who stop you from being the best version of yourself.
  • I once had this lingerie designer stalk me on instagram and recently she accidentally started following me on twitter. It was because I was the “interest” of a certain male that she was “obsessed with”…Unfortunately for her, he wasn’t paying much attention when I was in his life. When I dropped out of it, she received affections from him. She’s pretty dense in my book, if a man is not that interested in you, find someone else. Don’t resent the other girl. This woman is like the chick in Single White Female or Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction…



Personal Style by Sea

As you know Jane from C of Shooz has been one of my favorite bloggers. I was one of the few young women who was cheering for her when she walked down the aisles of the Crillon Ball. It’s a ridiculously pretentious world, and one I’m happy to watch from afar. But there were thousands of women, young and old, who were seething with resentment when this happened. I was happy not only for Jane, but also because she made all the other trashy fashion blogging trolls look like, well, a snickers bar next to a deliriously beautiful cakes you’ll see from Fauchon. It was a heroic day for me. It was a personal victory.

Also, I’ve personally interacted with C-dawgs, and she’s really one of the nicest girls I’ve ever dealt with. She’s also precocious. Intelligent, for her age. I mean she was like 12 when I was reading her blog and wearing all the brands I never wore. When I was 12 I was wearing JNCO’s…I had them in like, every color. I was shocked through my personal dealings with her. I thought she’d be a spoiled rotten brat. She was the opposite.

There was a certain blogger who as you may know, who constantly bullied her. I can take criticism, no troll on the internet can bully me. It’s just words, if someone says something mean to you, walk away from the computer screen. Don’t be a coward. There’s no such thing as cyberbullying, if you’re over 18 and an adult, you’ll have greater pressures to face in this world. Cyberbullying? Please. Get a firm grip. I was only concerned for C-DAWGS at this time because she was a young girl. And cyber bullying can be a lot of pressure at that age. What they were saying about this young girl who they didn’t know, was horrifying and mean. At the same time, I like this critical blogger (elder woman) whose name I won’t mention. I agree with everything else she says. I never agreed though, when reading her personal attacks towards Sea. You can’t resent a younger girl for having it all, for being intelligent and beyond her age…for being classy. You can’t resent her for having a mom who protects and provides her with nice shoes. I’m sorry, you just can’t. This elder blogger also took hits at me too. Did I go home crying? No. No woman or man on the internet scares me. I’m serious! It’s all comedy.

The other tween I took style advice from was Hapsical. He has fallen off the face of the earth ….. I think if a youngster stops blogging, he or she either went fitness crazy or fell in love or maybe like he found God. Or he or she realized this blogging world is ridiculous. Life is happier when you’re on the bench sometimes.

Anyway, I realize that Sea has changed the tone of her blog. Back in the day she had the most amazing style, but right now she’s doing more “easy” and “commercial” looks. She also has a huge thigh gap. I like how thin she looks. Just like don’t lose any more weight or I will be sending her hamburgers…I still read her blog religiously as it is the only one I’m interested in on the NowManifest portal of crickets. I thought about it the other night, and realized I didn’t care that she’d changed. Because so have I. I still find her website and style interesting … I don’t really have time to pick out every single look I’ve ever liked from her archives but here are some I dig right now. She’s really a very sweet girl, and unlike the other “top bloggers” who are just, in my opinion, low class not because they lack access to designer goods but low class because they lack morals and courage.



I love this look below. And I tried to figure it out. Why the fuck do I like it? I just remembered. It’s kind of like what Hasidic Jewish women wear, like long frumpy skirts and button down crepe shirts. Except Sea’s version is like, the you know, “let’s get loose” version…Check out more of her looks here. And please be respectful with the comments you leave on this post (if you even leave them ha!!!) because if it is mean I will delete them. I won’t have those Texan folks in a tizzy over bitchy comments by some coward behind a computer screen. Or be a coward. Leave the meanest comment you can ever think of and watch me shred you until you go home crying to your mommy.





Western Goth Trend


Clip from Lost highway by David Lynch.

Some goth-y cross jewelry. Sure the trendy D&G cross jewelry is derivative of all this. Filigree, pearl drops, yada yada. All 18-19th century …

As you know in 2014 there are a bunch of micro trends happening all at once. Skinny jeans and Culottes for example are happening all at the same time. Along with trousers and bell bottoms. It’s strange, these vibes, as it’s never once happened in history. Usually a period like the sixties has a uniform that’s defined.

One trend right now that’s feeling quite nice is this Western Goth vibe. Sure seasons ago Slimane slicked it back and remixed it with Dark Hollywood streets (with a bit of those Lynch nuggets thrown it). He also added that Parisian “stamp of approval”, a legendary house like Saint Laurent with enough of a name to make you part with your twice a month rent money. Messages were simple and uniform, all black, lace and cowboy hats. Except you can’t fool me Slimane! He was a tad early for those western vibes, but right now  I’m crushing hard.

When I say I want uniforms. I mean like hard uniforms. Shit people wear in the service industry. More soon.




Jewelry Tatts



Some really cute jewelry ideas here. Tattoo-d wrists and necks. I like it, assuming it’s not permanent. How refreshing for a cool summer night with a floaty dress? This is major instagram worthy material for my fella trolls.

Actually. Upon second thought. I’m already sick of it.




Eggs with Crushed Chips instead of Salt


I’m keeping in line with new changes on the blog. Which is like HI-LOW frequency. One minute you might get full on “editorial” style bullshit photos and the next I’m posting things that took me no effort at all. Couldn’t give a damn, really.

In 2014 you might have forgotten to bring salt to the table. You keep forgetting to buy it, but since you have a million things running through your mind, it’s fine. But I suddenly remembered that Salt and Vinegar chips are very salty. A seasoned crunch on top of jelly like eggs? Fine with me.

And some more food for thought (while these eggs were great), I just read Cathy Horyn’s latest article and as usual she gets her point across.

“Susan Sontag described a similar shift in the arts in the mid-60s, noting that “the most interesting and creative art of our time is not open to the generally educated; it demands special effort; it speaks a specialized language.” Today, as high fashion moves closer to mass media — with brand-hosted YouTube channels, films, huge spectacles — there is pressure to simplify. I also wonder whether the surge of new brands — their shows often crammed with weird and banal designs — hasn’t caused elite designers to rethink matters. Hence more straightforward clothes.”

“Whether that is a good development or a bad one is not really the concern of fashion designers, though. Their job is simply to reflect their times in a conscious way. In 1965, the year of the baby dolls, the mood was encapsulated by the words on a popular T-shirt in Paris, also observed by Gloria Emerson. It said, in French, “I am free and I am alive.” Since then the quest to be modern — and that is really what we are talking about — has been complicated by a new set of considerations, none of them less valid than wit and imagination. So, while I may not care for Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent, it doesn’t matter. He has grasped modernity in its totality.”

She’s right and all. But what’s she saying? That designers of today should sell out the shameless way bloggers do? I mean should I quickly acquire a new boyfriend and start trolling around 5pm sunlit fields in a bikini and ratty cardigans? Would that be a form of rebelling…I mean I don’t know if I could stomach the prospect. I guess I just couldn’t, even if I had a boyfriend, I’d NEVER subject him to camera wielding while I frolic in the woods….

In terms of business my only point is this. I don’t pay for these “high fashion brands” because these mass market retailers sling cheaper and sometimes better replicas. If everything has been referenced by these top designers within 1 season of another designer doing it before, or if everything is referenced blatantly from the past (as we can all see) then what’s the point of people paying for it? The mass market retailers are swiping these trends, so everyone’s just copying then. I guess the old Warhol Adage is true. We’re all human copying machines. Me? I buy what my taste likes, and I find the cheapest version. That’s 2014 for ya. Unless another Rei Kawakubo comes along to change the game, it’s just what I’ll do for now.

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