En route … 9/10/14


Truth is, I don’t fuck around in the mornings.

Literally all my photos are straight from my iPhone. That’s just how I roll nowadays.

On the go in my uniform. Easy black knit stretch round neck shirt with JBRAND jeans and a belt twisted and locked down.

Jacket is under my label. Luxirare.

Shoes are Degen. These are the highest quality shoes I’ve ever purchased. The production, not associated with Paris or Italy. Worn now for nearly 2 years and wore them like sneakers, walked everywhere. Only had to repair them once. Once!




No-brand effect …

If you’re like me this fall, you crave a “fashionable” look with sort of a blank stare. A black accessory that carries with it no stamps or re-appropriation of a current runway trend.

Here are some items, I think, may or may not make the “must have” cut. If you’ve ever heard of “”, it’s the best e-commerce on the net right now. Some picks below.


This bag, is everything. Just everything. Incorporating an accordian style gusset with a bare front flap, it’s unnoticeable.


A kick back loafer with a masculine edge and hi-contrast, half and half vibe. Half-suede half-leather.


Photos are all from …




Summer’s over

If there’s one thing I’m craving right now it’s more sweaters. Some of my favorite staples below, from a hairy angora with over sized sleeves to drop shoulders these are all basics I’d work into my uniform. When you choose a knit it should always be done with precaution…A wrong purchase could mean an item you bought (under retail light and music seduction) your knit will not see light of day. It has happened to me before.

Atypical of your classic round neck knit, this one features an a-line shape.


Extreme perfection, now the sleeves on this one are a-line. Slightly belled sleeves, a good look, but maybe the most impractical thing while working or cooking.


A bold drop shoulder with ribbed sleeves.


It’s a cardigan, no… it’s a blanket with sleeves..


A must have for fall – it’s a ribbed mock neck or what you would call a very bold turtleneck. Basically a tube scarf attached onto a sweater.


Ugh god, this look below is so…”Shopbop” if you know what I mean. The typical half sheer patched look at the shoulders and neckline…so so “done”, and yes it is a bit contrived, not really even natural, do you say, Alexander Wang like 6 years ago. This is one of the less successful items in this lot. The look is too “fitted” and there’s a calculated vibe I really don’t like. But it’s the perfect item for fashion bloggers and “off-duty” fashionistas slash c-list models.


Quintessential “Kate Moss” 90′s vibes below and I love hairy angora but I don’t wear it because it would look like I had poison ivy or something. My skin is sensitive. I’d be scratching myself all day. No I’d take it off the minute I had the chance.


Contrast gauge knit.


This approach below is way too hippie for me but if you’re into the holey texture. I like something much more covered.


Really really great sleeves…


Was this a mistake below? This sweater for me, is the worst. The only way I would style this is with an oxford underneath…and even then it would be a total mess. The knit would grab all the oxford’s extra fabric and create a weird kind of empire line..kind of like a sweater dress + shirt accident…This cropped knit would not work on a basic knit shirt either, it’d just look like you put two sleeve holes into a large scarf.


I love this look below. This one I saved for last, the way this woman has styled her beefy cardigan and jeans – it’s so everyday but still pulled together and sexy. There is nothing contrived. She’s not dressed to the teeth. She doesn’t look so “done” in that typical “hair blown out lipstick coated” blogger-y or celebrity tabloid-y kind of way. You will notice a lack of stacked bangle bracelets, body chains, and other pretentious crap that goes hand in hand with selfies. With just a little more effort in the morning (some light makeup and hair considerations) any woman could work this look easily.





Let the public decide …

(Veil from Armani Couture)

Yesterday I walked outside to realize that I needed a jacket. Upset and horrified, I rushed back in and quickly changed into some layers (sweater, long sleeve…) and scurried off to work.

I am dreaming though, dreaming about this moody veil. With glorious bead work and just enough sparkle to glisten under the reflection of moody street light, I wish I could pair this casually with an all black ensemble.

The problem is that this is just a dream. It would never work. No I will not risk going out into the street with people heckling “Beekeeper! Beekeeper!!!!”….

But seriously though, why couldn’t I work this. I mean everywoman I know is offending me with body chain harnesses and head chains! Is a veil so wrong?




Hyper Customized Loafers …


There are so many amazing options in both high end and mass market for loafers. It was The Duke of Windsor’s favorite shoe, along with JFK’s. Isn’t it funny how there can be so many different versions of the same thing? Just a piece of hardware tucked in there, with a leather sliced on a 1 inch band or 1/2 inch band, it makes the biggest differences.

This selection below, as I’ve purposely left out who the designers are, is a mixture of shoes that go from over 1k to under 1 hundred. But the quality is deceiving, as China is now catching up with Europe’s standards and means of production. They are also delivering at a much faster pace.

My particular favorite is the one with the 1/2″ platform.




Salmon Skin Salad




In a recent effort to eat healthier, I’ve gone back to some salad options. If you think about Sushi Rolls, any roll can be transformed into a salad. I’m using a soy, lemon, ginger, and sesame oil concoction for a dressing, but any light soy + citrus mixture works. Look it up on Google for more reference. I just posted about salmon skin rolls so the recipe is visually documented there.

Without the rice this salad is simply a ton of Cucumber sliced through a mandolin, watercress, shiso, gobo, and of course, Salmon skin. Blistered to perfection this is literally one of my favorite things.

If you prefer I swear this makes the perfect beer snack. I’m not exactly sure it will work as a superbowl snack or a holiday snack … especially if your guests are used to Doritos and hot wings but it’s insanely delicious.

Serve the dressing on the side, if you mix it with the skin the skin will get all soggy and salmon skin that is soggy is basically inedible.




Fall transition


I wore this out a while ago, and there is just something about this Forever 21 shirt that brings me a lot of attention from the opposite sex. I mean don’t ‘cha just love it when you walk into some place and guys are turning their heads in the company of women who are like way hotter than you. It’s happened to me before. Dreams do come true ladies, ’cause I’m Shrek! Trust me I am living proof that you can manipulate pre-selected men in the company of hard 9′s and 10′s to your favor!!

It’s okay if you are in high school reading this and you are like some “ugly” duckling I have been there and trust me those who peak in high school … well … you know …

Every time I wear it I feel younger, cuter, and whoa, even a little bit sexy. And I love the attention I get. You’ve seen me wear this shirt just two posts below. I need to write more about this top, it has been one of the best 10 greenbacks I ever spent at the mall.

I’m also 100% sure there was a day I looked at shirts like this and thought “Who would ever do such a thing!” And like…here I am….Guilty as charged.

What completely sucks is that I cannot engage in a comfortable conversation with the opposite sex. My website, it will always have to be some kind of secret from new people I meet. What will they think? The horror! He will lose attraction, right away! Or she will discover another side of me, she may not like…The you know, controlling, snotty, Martha Stewart side of me…*Sigh*

Some key points for fall as if you didn’t know this already since y’all been reading hamster blogs for years. Do a light t-shirt and keep it bright with a white blazer (mine’s Zara)…Keep the jeans snappy by rolling it up but anchor the disheveled look with a patent loafer.




Cucumber routine …


While your “beauty blogging” experts may be giving you a full roundup of high end designer products that cost you an arm and a leg (for beauty results you’ll never see…) I am going about in my “shrek” like ways.

I already know what these so called “beauty experts” and magazines are slinging. Japanese face masks and more useless things like facial oils by Rodin and Clarins. You must be kidding me with this stuff right? Fellas. If you’re young, work hard to maintain your face with healthy eating and regimented routines..Moisturize, apply sunscreen, exfoliate, and get to sleep early. If you already have wrinkles you want to plump out there’s only one thing you can do and that is called Botox! Everything else is called Bullshit!

The only thing about beauty that you young women need to know is to stop talking about “these products” you need but to start doing it routinely. That I find is the most challenging, to do it every morning and night.

How many boozy nights can you count where you end up in bed with mascara coloring your lids? Or you like, accidentally forgot to take off your foundation with makeup remover.

Or how many nights were you stuck on that phone of yours stalking everyone you know that you don’t follow on instagram instead of getting yourself up from the bed to the sink so you can do your exfoliation and etc?

My new routine right now is this cucumber mask, I grate it, squeeze the juices out (not all of it) and dab it all over my face. I am addicted. Leave on for 30 minutes – an hour. Click your favorite search key on Youtube and you’re set to go. Mine are “JFK DOCUMENTARIES”. Does this make any difference? Yes. I quit smoking and the only other thing I’m going to quit is drinking but I’ve been very good! Drinking once or twice a week.

Other than my cucumber mask, I also do a tight knit regimen involving LUSH PRODUCTS, I’ll go into it later. The thing is I need a minibar (refridgerator) for my Lush goods because believe it or not, they’re best left in colder climates.




Friday Look … 4/15/14




This heat is unbearable but I’m much more concerned with A/C Indoor weather.

The top I’m wearing is by Massimo Dutti, tissue thin and pleated it’s a button down that, tucked out, works perfectly for the casual vibe that is, on Fridays. Denim is by Acne, and Gold tape on my feet with a nice, thick white platform, by Steve Madden.

These sandals are the best things I’ve bought this summer. Fixed once by me, and once again by a shoe repair, I’m 100% sure that by the time I’m actually done with these shoes, I’ll have paid more than I would have for an actual designer shoe.

Irony is that designer shoes may be slightly better quality. But by the time you want to fix them again, they’re out of style.

Unless of course your curating ability is SO good that you only buy things that don’t go out of style.

If I have’t gotten back to your e-mails yet. It is not because I don’t like you. I am busy!

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