Sartorial confusion during the summer …

I am apologizing in advance for the overflooding of content here.. I am actually cleaning up my desk top today and there’s a ton of content I should air out otherwise I won’t be able to work, talk about clutter. Good for you if you actually need some light reading material.

During the summer one of the biggest challenges is dressing for the weather. How do we even call it “weather” anymore. I feel like I’m getting like 10 different kinds of weather in one day. It’s raining, it’s siberia in the office, it’s like a sauna outside, on the bus or subway I’m in a refrigerator. That’s why people look at me weird wearing a peacoat in the middle of summer. No, seriously, I freeze my butt off when nobody regulates the AC.


I always cool off with Slurpees. I don’t know about you but I’ve been ordering hot dogs at 7-11 for breakfast. You get free chips with it.


This peacoat is from JOSEPH UK and with leather sleeves I chopped it off at the elbow. A pair of baggy plaid pants is a no brainer for daily office dressing.




How art made the world …

If you were unable to afford college or university, you can definitely swipe yourself some information on the history of art and it’s impact on the world, from business to fashion, to politics even. This series is separated into four parts, I found the first two most fascinating.

I shared these on facebook ages ago, but I do not use facebook that much anymore. I actually may be deleting the fan page because it’s useless .. If you’ve messaged on there just e-mail or tweet it will be much faster for you to get a response … Anyway! Don’t miss out on these series … quite fascinating really.




Setting goals and sticking to them …

It’s true. I am obsessed with sewing on this machine, it’s an industrial machine and it’s quite like driving. Sometimes it does not cooperate with me, and other days this dear little engine is very nice … Either way I always pray a little beforehand because sewing leather is hard enough, I don’t need more difficulties … Featured here in progress, my 3 compartment bag for the iPhone 5. Always nice I think to see what goes on behind the scenes rather than just perfectly doctored photos. Honestly I think this “idea” of “perfection” is getting old. It’s 2014. Don’t we want to be doing things and playing things that haven’t been done or played before ….?

When I see fashion bloggers playing leather sewing fiddly on a home machine, I laugh not because they are putting in the effort. I laugh because leather is expensive and I only wish they knew before hand that this is sort of like putting ketchup on a dry aged piece of sirloin. What are you doing…seriously?

In any case I’m able to sew leather bags from beginning to end. Something I seriously thought would be impossible for me in this lifetime. But I swear you just set a goal for yourself and day by day you do it little by little. In my case I caught up fast because I did this for hours on end for days for a period of 4-5 years, that and I had previous sewing knowledge.





Walking as a form of meditation …

Though that title might sound weird I promise that it’s a practice I’ve taken on these past two years. I started this habit about 2 years ago when during the summer I’d put on some “jogging” type clothing and go for an hour long walk. In the beginning honestly it was so hard, as walking for 1-2 hours 3-4 times a week is insanely difficult to keep up. I hardly even saw any results, until the 7 month mark that is.

Also with good mixes from DeviationUK, FOAMO, ItaloJohnson, Atrak, and XXXY, these kinds of trance like long walks are possible. I like wearing a nylon zip jacket and shorts. These sequin shorts are from FOREVER 21 and are perfect for night and daily activities.


I feel so awkward when people see how much I eat and then they are confused by my size. Believe me 100% I don’t have an eating disorder. No I am not anorexic or bulimic. I think that is for highschool kids anyhow right? I suggest you walk as much as possible, it’s what I do. And I skip dinner as much as possible. It’s not always doable, but I try.

And it’s like Nietszche said, “all truly great thoughts are conceived by walking..” … Partially true … I get halfway decent ideas in the shower too.

These photos are from a while ago, from my instagram feed.





Crazy is a dismissive label ..

Recently a guy I dated last (not going to name names) e-mailed my friend I knew since middle school asking her for personal information. As you know since then I had changed my phone number because I knew he wanted to reinstate contact. I was also afraid he had spyware on my phone. He e-mailed her because he couldn’t get in contact with me and asked her for my address and new phone number. In that same e-mail he says that I am going through a “bipolar episode”. He also asked her to keep this e-mail private, to not let me know that he had been looking for private information.

I don’t understand why you are asking for my address. I have already LOST ENOUGH SLEEP. Now I have to watch my back even more. Oh the comedy.

It’s just too bad that not only do I write up research on here, not only can I sew my own bags, not only do I teach people how to cook, but I also have hospital documents proving I am not on drugs or crazy. The ER doctor signed off on it, you know the one that I stayed up all night with????

And here is a clip from Dave Chappelle, my hero, saying exactly what everyone wants to say but can’t. Either ’cause of fear. Or because they are intimidated. I’m sorry pal. The hospital records say I’m not crazy. I’ve been tested for bipolar mood disorder and drugs. I’m clean. I do have ADHD though. That’s not my fault.

As he says… “The worst thing to call somebody is crazy. It’s dismissive, ‘I don’t understand this person, so they’re crazy’. That’s bullshit. ‘Cause people are not crazy, they’re strong people. Maybe their environment is a little sick.” – - Dave Chappelle.





You could watch MADMEN, and revel in it’s fantastic dialogue and characters, but you could also watch the real deal in action. Here is a clip by Saul Bass, the OG Ad man with possibly the most clever digital time based sequences. He was known for his film opening credits but he also pitched for AT&T.




Curated Pin Board

A lot of people have asked me what happened to my instagram. I don’t know really, and I don’t have much time to care. What I do know is that I’m very happy it’s private now, if you want clues on what I will be posting next on this blog then you can request me. I use it as a virtual moodboard because I’m the most forgetful person ever. I need to have access to this board when I don’t remember everything. It gives me a lot of freedom because with instagram you can be constantly on the move and researching. And I hated the name “LUXIRARE” as an instagram account. I mean I feel like I’m more like collecting tidbits here and there, having a conversation with people. It’s always an open discussion for me. My new name is “CuratedList”. That is exactly what my account is. It’s a list of stuff I care about.

I made sure to block the last guy I dated. Because lord knows that he will find a way to look me up. I blocked this dude from following me on instagram ages ago. He’s the type of man that leaves comments on my wall like “You changed your number…”. Uhm yes, I changed it because I assumed you put spyware on my phone. I didn’t need him texting me. I didn’t need another misguided courtship led by him. Round 3? Hell no.

My board features food, random DIY ideas, designs by other designers, and anything that I like or inspires me. I will be adding more video clips. I actually put out 15 snippet piano clips and showing people how I make bags…My board will include all of this. Most fashion bloggers will only sling information that makes them look “more tasteful” or fashionable, but they won’t want to show you how to get there. That’s because they think they are “better than you”. Sure I’m vain but not that vain. I think it’s all ego and no heart when all you do is “fake a life” on instagram. For what? We all know you’re not perfect. Since when has anyone let loose on instagram? No one. Gay people who are on the down low are pretending to be straight, fashion bloggers are busy putting up retarded selfies, and most people are obsessed with being at the “newest restaurant” first…It’s all a big comedic shit show of one-upmanship. When I see chicks sling near nude selfies I ask myself, who is your agent seriously. I didn’t know Instagram was a modeling agency.

And don’t even get me started on facebook. One minute my friend is having a meltdown privately and I’m talking to her about her man issues, and the next minute on facebook everything is “perfect”. I mean it’s like whatever. I’ll keep all your secrets but I have no clue why you’d want to shove everything under the rug. Nobody really cares.


Very recently I shared this with my private crew on instagram. it’s a 2-d lightbulb! I love that it has that flat-sliced feel, still 3-d but 2-d in feeling. It’s by a Korean designer. The name is tagged in my account but of course I forget her name already. All I know is that her last name is Kim. LOL.





Intellectual Property in the Fashion Industry

If you’re anything like me, growing up as a young kid watching Casino left a huge impression on you. I dreamt about being Robert Deniro. I saw my mother the same way, that she never worked for money. She worked to have power. She always said, the day you leave is the day they are sorry. For me wealth has limits. But working hard, constantly searching and keeping your eyes open. Doing constant research and putting the pieces together, this is so much more fun.

I feel like an owl with telescope nowadays. My job relies on constant research. I read everything I can, and I hardly sleep. I do it mostly for people who read this website, and for my work, but it’s all interrelated. In the end I enjoy having my nose stuck in a book, I enjoy finding things. A lot of my time for example is spent on and off line doing market research. There isn’t a product in the mall that I don’t know about.

When I was at the hospital recently, they had thought I was crazy. The head doctor who was a male asian worked the ER unit. There were about 5 other staff. They were amazed to see that I stayed up the entire night. They could not believe I had not gone to asleep. I was watching my back. Hey anything could happen! And besides at the ER unit there is so much research to be done. Highly organized and efficient, just like much of my studio, things were placed on wheels. There was a cokehead near by who was dying to go to sleep. He requested injections to fall asleep. They asked me if I wanted the same thing, no way! Hours later at near 6 am in the morning, the doctor, KNOWING full well I wasn’t crazy, asked me to do their piss test. He says if you come back clean, then we’ll know nothing’s wrong with you. Well what do you know. My results were clean. I don’t do drugs and no I’m not bipolar. Do I have ADHD, yes. I’m not lying when I say, that I’m always in need of information. I will sacrifice sleep for it. The most important things you will find out, when everyone else is sleeping. I told the doctor, when he saw my personal belongings brought back to me, that I made this bag. He was shocked. No one believes anything I say. That’s why I’ll do more videos on instagram. Sometimes when you work so hard to achieve personal goals that have nothing to do with acquiring more money or fame, people distrust it. That is YOUR limited capacity don’t mess with my head.

Lately I have been watching Madewells’ jewelry like a hawk. I knew there was something insanely good about it, and I also knew the designer or head designer at Madewell was not coding this on her own. In fashion, you’ll rarely find that designers code material from scratch. It always starts from an image they’ve swiped. Looking at this necklace I got shivers. This is not only 100x more fresh than all of Celine’s product, the idea is so insanely clever. A chain slicing threw a row of modern flat coin style pendants and square shapes. I was bewildered but I promised myself that I would find the source.

Screen shot 2014-07-19 at 12.25.17 PM

Doing constant research will drive you crazy, but you’ll also find amazing things. Some designer out there stitched a bunch of papers through a thread. And now the Madewell’s product made perfect sense. Their design, the only difference, is that the original source is kept secret, but the final product is technodubbed in metal and imported probably through China. FOB on this might cost, lets say 2-3$ depending on their relationship with the factory. FOB is the price on the ship before it is imported.

Screen shot 2014-07-03 at 4.03.58 PM


Again, madewell does a similar version. This idea is a “holding pattern”. A bunch of circles cut and placed on a thread. You can see above, I sourced this image either from Pinterest or Etsy. But the idea is rendered through metal and produced through a factory. The designer who is slinging her product on etsy? She won’t make bank like Madewell. Because the designer at Madewell found the source and produced it first. The only difference is he or she has the capability to sling it through a chain of stores to a mall.

Screen shot 2014-07-19 at 12.18.15 PM

I save my favorite design for last. Again another designer using paper to mold jewelry. This is 3-dimensional, instead of the flat designs above, and it’s really cool. I wonder if Madewell will produce this or not. The thing is it’s no longer a secret. My job, it’s virtually the same as the jewelry designer at Madewell. I found the source too. But I don’t work for Madewell nor would I want to.


My advice to readers is to copy whatever you want. So long as you can sling it yourself through a machine, it’s yours to keep. You can’t patent a sleeve. I can drive it on a machine. A sleeve is a sleeve is a sleeve. For example it’s weird how fashion designers who work for highly branded companies think they can trademark stuff. I bought a Christopher Kane dress once, but I can make everything he designs. Sometimes I just don’t have the time. If you can sew a dress you see that you like instead of buying it, you really should.




Private accounts

If you followed me on gram you’d know that I’ve had Pinterest for years …. I don’t use it for popularity just a place to keep my thoughts pinned down for inspiration …. My boards on Pinterest are private too … I’m very forgetful … Right now I use instagram the same way … It’s a place where I will privately write it down so I don’t forget … The account name is “curatedlist” …


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