One pot wonder: Green Curry

This is probably one of my absolute favorite meals, and I know I use the word favorite a little too generously but really I’m kind of surprised as to why I haven’t shared this recipe yet. It’s thai food but don’t let that intimidate you, as it’s also one of the easiest things to make. When I say easy I mean Rachel Ray Easy. I am not from Thailand so I’m sure that this recipe isn’t 100% authentic but it’s pretty close (I think..) and it’s one of those one-pot meals where all you have to do is ..well….chop and drop…If you’re looking to put together a super quick, exotic meal for a casual, effortless dinner party, this is it. Feel free to leave any suggestions if you’re an expert at this stuff.


First time I tried this was at Penang with my mother in middle school…Penang is a thai restaurant in Soho..the restaurant may be closed now. Anyway I was pretty annoyed when my mom ordered it for me because it’s not one of those generic, kid friendly thai Pad Thai…There was a learning curve for me at least, some time needed to develop an acquired taste for it..Now I’m obsessed and make it very often.


The base ingredient here is Green Curry…the curry itself is already quite spicy and tangy, and the flavor is very unique…




The other base ingredient is Coconut Milk.



Green beans, eggplant, basil, chicken, and bamboo shoots will be the protein and veggie component..If you really want to be authentic you should get Thai Basil. If not just use regular. You can also add shrimp, squid, fish..I tried this with beef though and thought it was horrible. So I suggest you stay away from that. There are also other flavoring elements, I like to add fish sauce, a tablespoon or two of sugar…and extra coconut milk.


The coconut milk is my favorite part of this recipe, since the green curry is very spicy and tangy the milk rounds out the flavor nicely.


I start by adding the green beans and chicken first, then eggplant (I don’t like these too soggy, but it really depends on your preference, put it in earlier if you like soggy eggplants, I prefer them a little undercooked.) Basil should go in last, I don’t even chop it because you’re really just adding it to perfume the dish. Not as a garnish or anything.




To serve, just place the pot you cooked the curry in directly onto a burner so that it will stay warm. Wine and whiskey for libation. Whiskey for the impatient folk. Four simple square plates and spoons. That’s it really. Oh yea we shouldn’t forget the cock sauce.


There’s some oil in the curry, I like to add basil oil at the end. Just serve it directly on a bed of rice, if you’ve never had this, try it now. All the ingredients are easy to find. You will not regret it. I’ve already had it 4 times since last week.