One piece

I had to see my friend about a month ago and suddenly there it was, a challenge. When you lose your dressing ‘game’, you really lose it…This design was not going to be the kind where I ‘explore my creativity’ but was going to be a precise solution to my summer dressing issues…. again, I was eager to create a uniform. Something where I can wake up and go, yes I will wear this today, and I won’t be bothered.


Inside my head:

collage copy

Fast forward to the night of ..nothing in my closet was working. The leather jackets were too cumbersome for this burgeoning summer weather… Skinny jeans.. too sticky. Outside it seemed as though the fashion blogger style had just exploded; creepy florals, paved tanks with bra flashing, too-short diaphanous dresses, and ripped light wash denim shorts. Quarantined to web pages I felt safe, but seeing it in real life made me wonder..should I look like this too?! Out of fear that I’d be stuck in my crew neck sweaters and sweat pants, I ripped apart a pair of super old palazzo pants ( I wore them in this post) These palazzo pants fit me so well, they are the most flattering pair I have in my closet. They’re my GO-TO pants for when I am ‘going out’. But these pants…with what? a cropped tank top? No thanks…I knew there was some kind of secret ‘fitting’ formula in these pants, I ripped the seams and transferred a new pattern. The reason why I started with the pants was because they were the one pair in my closet that made me feel like ‘a million bucks’. I knew I didn’t want to do layers for summer, and so I just continued the pant crotch seam all the way up to the neck …for the top half I created about 2-3 muslins for it to get the fitting right. It’s finished with a belt closure in a halter neck shape, the back is scooped out. There are millions of similar jumpsuits out there and I won’t be surprised if there is one that is near identical to mine. But fit is everything. I wasn’t even going to post this because it was one of those personal solutions to dressing, like I literally had nothing to wear so I made it for myself..1st sample, in black crepe:


I took the black jumpsuit for a test run- it was the first sample I made before I started the other colors. First thing I notice…I’m walking differently. You know that feeling like you’re walking on those automated walkways at airports between baggage claims and flights? Second thing I notice…straight guys are checking me out and this never happens.. Third thing, on a separate night I had dinner with my friend in we walk out to the street she tells me I look like Betty Catroux (my height probably equals the length of her legs) (Maybe it was the white wine)..When she told me this I was actually wearing this black nylon moto jacket my mother gave me a while ago over the black jumpsuit (see pic below). I was stunned because she isn’t fake with compliments.


At this point I decided the trial run worked out. I knew I’d be wearing it nonstop this summer…..and even though it was a very personal solution this garment made me feel a little more confident than usual, and that means the design has it’s power. Merchandising in every color began. No design deviations, same style, with 6 colors. Wanted a strong uniform feeling. The only deviations began in color with the belt closures. Monday-Saturday, I’m set.










The cuffs I am wearing in the photo below are available in my shop now… I received the shipment for these when I first presented the original consolidated bracelets. The cuff length is the same as those, but I hardly had any stock so I didn’t load them. Back then I wasn’t even sure if I liked them so I just kept them stored away. Now I feel like wearing them.



1st time I’m wearing something from Zara, my mom actually bought this for me which was weird because she stopped doing this a while ago…Anyway, she’s always known exactly what I want to wear, and Zara makes the best high street blazers. End of story. Love how when you flip over the edge it looks like a man’s tie loosened up. Worn with white Luxirare Minivest.








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All of the jumpsuits are available in the shop now, in each color. With each listing, I posted a general sizing chart because the sizes run from 0-6.