One more time for Queens, NYC at SIKGAEK

Now that you know where NOT TO EAT in New York City, you can head in a cab or subway or if you’re like me you can drive. Head to Sik Gaek in Queens. I am way too busy to be bothered to even be writing this post. Do you understand? I have a full time job. It’s friday. I am dreaming about whiskey right now, not about writing this and serving you photos. But everyone on instagram makes you feel like you shouldn’t gram unless you are also blogging. I actually don’t even remember what my FLICKR password is or how to use it…

I don’t even understand people. When you get popular, and you blog often, they start to resent you. When you stop, they call you lazy or…”what happened to her…” “she’s crazy”….Hmm…I LOSE EITHER WAY. I trust myself enough now to do this without the incredible amount of bullshit the other bloggers want to indulge in. Keep spinning hamsters.











At Sikgaek, you order the spicy chicken with cabbage with tons of creamy thousand island dressing. Get the Cioppino, which is a seafood stew with the ocean inside of it. Order the frozen shredded watermelon soju cocktail. They don’t spike this enough so get another bottle and mix it in. Order whatever you want, but they will give you the fried eggs to start for free. That’s our hangover buffer which I’m not entirely sure if it works..I don’t drink soju that often….ENJOY FOLKS! GO!

AND ONCE MORE I explain myself about the criticism on instagram. In court there are two lawyers. There are two sides to the story. The one with the most beautiful story wins. Do you understand … or nah? If you’re a woman, and you’re in lawschool, keep this in mind. The books give you recipes. But when you perform you need swagger. The audience can be fooled to believe anything. Stand up for what’s right, instead of what’s easy.

AND PEE ESSSS, I’m on instagram and you wouldn’t have had to read this ’cause I already grammed about it. Don’t you want the speed? You have shit to do and you’re on your phone all fuckin’ day. So it’s just common sense I’m just sayin…Follow me so you don’t have to read it. Or if you’re a hater, don’t follow and keep reading this blog…either way, I don’t care.