No Roll Sushi

Is it possible to bastardize the art of sushi making and get away with it?


Okay so this is like some kind of sushi lasagna- I don’t know what to call this..sushi cake..sushi it whatever you want! It’s all about stacking ingredients horizontally without rolling anything (something I don’t like to do-not so great at rolling sushi though if I apply a lot of effort into it I can do it) Very easy summer dinner idea, and it is perfect for guests too.


I flavor the ground tuna with sesame oil, mayo, hot sauce, and soy sauce. I never measure anything so just go with your gut and taste as you go.



Some toppings I like for this; this is a very versatile recipe, you can create your own version completely from scratch. I chose spicy tuna because it’s one of the most popular sushi rolls. You can use avocado with shrimp tempura instead. The kind of sushi I really like to eat (actually it’s sashimi) are things that no one likes for some abalone or clam sashimi .. but spicy tuna is very popular. God, there was this amazing live abalone (almost the size of my hand) at the market today but I didn’t feel like spending $80 on it! But now I really want it…..major regrets..


These are actually soy wrappers, I didn’t want to use dried seaweed sheets for this because I don’t think it goes with the overall concept… I started out by cutting out a round circle to create to base. All of the other wrappers need to be cut too because you’ll end up stacking them.



Spread out rice on the wrappers. Make sure to season your sushi rice with vinegar, sugar and salt. There are a million recipes out there.



Tuna mixture that sat in the freezer to stay really cold…


I love love love shiso leaf. It’s different from this other leaf we use in Korea, completely different. Someone thought it was the same thing and it isn’t at all. This one has a much more perfume like scent and I think it adds amazing flavor but you can definitely go without it and it will still taste great.


Basic concept here is to just apply what you’d do with Lasagna and instead do it with sushi making ingredients. This one’s easier because you don’t have to bake it.


Round out the cucumbers with scissors. I shaved mine very thin on a mandolin first.  Run it horizontally so you get nice long slices.


Very important, a layer of soy wrapper needs to be laid right on top of the cucumbers. If you apply the tuna or rice over the cucumber directly it will slip and slide all over it, the soy wrapper provides traction.


Repeat the same steps when you stack, also add some flavorings like scallion or pickled ginger.



Final touch, you want to garnish this with some caviar. I chose salmon roe and wasabi flavored flying fish roe.





So imagine if you used nori (seaweed sheets) with this…? The cucumber sheets work so much better I think, it compliments the spicy tuna mixture very well. Much fresher. If you really like nori you can still use it, just apply the same concept.


Really important… to balance out the slapdash, completely inauthentic nature of this dish, use freshly grated wasabi.







I’m off! More soon + thanks for reading.