No Dish Entertaining….






Veggie with Hummus paste.








Okay so you’re in a hurry, maybe 6-7 people are nearby coming to your house to meet up or whatever, this spread is a quick solution. Do it fast but not sloppy is always my entertaining motto.

I hate the word “entertaining” when it comes to serving people food I mean I’m not your monkey but this is how we run things here in America… “to entertain” can mean anything from being a stripper to a person throwing a casual dinner at home.

Right here I have like, chicken and mozzarella, grilled veggie, prosciutto and arugula, simple tomato pesto and mozzarella..

I don’t like doing dishes, does anyone else? It’s a waste of water and detergent.

Just thinking of ways to eliminate any work in the process of serving food. Sandwiches are an easy crowd pleaser and with this you get the freedom to serve a variety.

  • There is always a vegetarian lurking around ready to fuck your whole spread up so be prepared.
  • Use a paper towel just to present this feeling of “Extra cleanliness”…
  • Serve something sweet with something salty, someone in the crowd is already full and ready for dessert when they arrive…
  • Never forget a chicken option…
  • Gather all foods into one central area, in this case I used a large wooden bowl.
  • Leave plates and napkins nearby (obvious)…
  • Always do half of what was expected.

I have dated several men recently and in the past, one thing about men they are all the same they love sandwiches. I have to say this again because some delusional punk is going to think I dedicated this post to him. This has nothing to do with you you or you. Get a grip.