Nikon D90 Camera Bag

It occurred to me recently that I spent a good deal of time thinking about how to make an iPad bag, yet the iPad is a lot less important than my Camera. I’ve been wanting to make a camera bag for a while now, I take my camera out as much as I can….

A photo below of a common problem. Having to carry two bags, a camera bag and my personal bag. This makes it annoying to walk around and shoot, since the whole point of shooting is to capture a moment with speed and ease. If you’re too busy to fussing around with your “things” you might miss a shot. If its not the camera bag, I’m usually holding a camera around my neck. The more you carry around whilst shooting the harder it is to shoot. I also can’t stand stuffing my camera into a big purse with a bunch of other personal items. I can’t explain how annoying it is to have a purse hanging around my body while I’m squatting or moving around, sometimes it dangles in between my legs and I’m always sliding it towards my back.


Instead of making a sketch, I made a rough 3-d draft, or a prototype. The design or pattern was built completely around the structure of my camera.

2nd prototype; this one is a lot more polished but it still wasn’t exactly what I wanted in terms of leather. This leather I used was great because of its durability and thickness, the material holds the stiff rectangular shape of this bag very well. Mainly I wanted to test the strap length, and the metal frames to see how well they would work.


What I wanted to achieve with this camera bag was not only the consolidation of my personal items and my camera, but keeping the camera visibility as hidden as possible, maybe I don’t want people to know that I’m some jerk with a chunky DSLR? . The bag is designed specifically so that the user can shoot whilst the camera is inside the bag, and it is also designed especially for the Nikon D90, each camera has a different design, different shape, and different measurements. I have another camera which has a bigger body but the D90 is easy to use, light, and its the one I like to take with me when I go out.

Each compartment opens.
This little ditch was cut out for a reason, it’s where my finger sits when it hits the shutter button, the reason for the ditch is comfort so my finger isn’t reaching in to press this very important button.

Personal items are kept to a minimum for this bag, but I’ve still considered them for the design. I made two pockets for credit cards, cash, a key, and another pocket to fit my blackberry. That is really all I need, and I don’t want to carry another personal bag along with my camera, this way I only carry one bag. If this was the perfect scenario I would have integrated a little pouch to hold my lipstick but I forgot about that one.


The leopard print for this bag is obviously a huge part of the design, but I’m so excited I found several hides of this leopard print. I’ve been searching about 6 years for this material (since college), every time I came across some BS leopard print fabric it was either faux hide or extremely cheap looking this was exactly what I was looking for.

The flip side of the bag (shown below) is the same design except it doesn’t have any cut outs for the camera, so this camera bag can also be disguised as a purse.



Here is a photo below of the lens, I designed this bag so that you can shoot whilst the camera is inside the bag. In terms of lenses, as I said, the LIGHTER THE BETTER, and I plan to bring only ONE lens when I am walking around. Don’t have time to switch my lens while I am trying to shoot.


****D90 bags are available in my shop. Thanks for reading.