Neon Nails

Nails are a sore subject for me. While I love long nails, I also sew, cook, and practice piano as a side hobby. I have light scars from all the cooking I’ve done in the past. So when my nails are longer than usual (I don’t bite my nails but I prefer to keep them short for functionality) I indulge a little bit.

Sometimes I go the full on Gel Nail, and I give myself the spa treatment at home with my favorite books. Or other times I’m able to do it quickly, with Sally Hansen. One of my greatest guilty pleasures is hanging out at Duane Reade and “researching” nail art.

I loved this floral, neon colorway, along with little rhinestones here and there. It took me literally 10 minutes to finish. Though not perfectly cured, the job still got done.

One option to do your nails is to go the gel route…This is much longer and difficult. Requires repetition and patience. I still used this to secure my “Sally Hansen” stick on nails, the oven I mean…


Quickly switched to ‘Old man and the sea’ by Hemingway.





Next time I try this I’ll do it more meticulously…I used a little trick. For the look of length, leave a generous nude cuticle. I actually really hate fake nails, it always looks fake…and it’s bad for your nail!! Just let it grow out naturally. There are lots of nail growth supplicants out there…I suggest taking both vitamin supplicants and applying exterior coats on your nail beds. Nailtiques works fine… along with Biotin….…I’ve just added this to my “product selection” list if you need a future reference..