Natural Stones Often Used In Interior Design

Nowadays, we see a constant increase in natural stone popularity among architects, homebuilders and designers. There are numerous natural stone tiles that are available, with stone in general being utilized as a material for basically thousands of years now. It is highly versatile and dynamic, making it popular in both contemporary and traditional buildings. Every single stone material has benefits to consider. For instance, think about the benefits of ruby stones, which are not as often considered as the highly popular options presented below.


This highly luxurious option is great because of an exquisite pattern that is naturally available. Marble will instantly offer a value and prosperity sense. The stone is highly durable, withstanding much weight, is free of scratches and will not age as fast as people tend to believe. The only real problem is that marble floors are time-consuming to install and will always be expensive. It is really important to hire a highly skilled technician to guarantee minimal waste and no material damage. Marble will be heavy and you also have to consider home structure strength when considering adding it. Maintenance is also highly important.


In most cases fieldstone is taken straight from the ground with the purpose of improving agricultural land effectiveness. We often see the natural stone in garden features like retaining walls and in home facades. We can find various shapes on the market, ranging from really bulky bricks to flat slabs. As you use fieldstone in interior design, the best is to focus on accent walls.


This is one of the oldest of all the building materials made by man. You can easily opt for a brick floor if you are looking for something cheap and durable. Bricks are pretty easy to clean and quite strong. As time passes maintenance will be necessary but wear and tear signs are not going to appear in the first years after installation. You want to consider using such tiles in your home if you have areas that are highly trafficked. However, bricks can be less even and rougher than tile floors or wood floors. You often see bricks used in outdoor spaces because of this.


Last but not least, terrazzo is a pretty interesting composite material that is either precast or poured right in place. You often see it used for wall treatments and floors. Terrazzo is made out of granite, glass, quartz, marble or other materials that are unsprinkled or sprinkled, then poured with a cementitious binder or polymeric. This stone option is cured and then will be grounded. Polishing is needed to make the surface smooth and we usually tend to see terrazzo used in bathroom and kitchen countertops or as flooring. Many homeowners choose the stone because of the waterproof properties available and the fact that the material will be really long lasting. Terrazzo offers a compressive strength close to 500 pounds on one square inch. This is why many terrazzo-like floors have been created around 10,000 years ago and still do exist.


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