My fake night at Megu NYC …SUSHI LOVERS UNITE…LOL…Part 1!!!!


Ayyyyy Jen babe do you love my sheer biker jacket? Am I going to see it up on your instafeed? Just like how you went to BASTA PASTA AFTER ME. Sup jen. What did you impress your friends or something with that knowledge? Don’t they all read my blog though? And Terry? I don’t get it. It’s all weird.


Now I want everyone to know. The modern war on slavery is global and has gone postal. It is not just targeting blacks. An immigrant chef shuffled between asia to NYC has a heart filled with fear. Match that with a dominant boss. Match that with Machiavellian tactics of mental abuse. Match that with one of my Instagram Ex boyfriends. It was all fake don’t worry! Today I simply ask you to think about this issue. Our modern war is no longer an issue of race. It is about class division. The division is divided by green backs that are not backed by gold. I cannot do the math so please do it for me.


In case you don’t know how to order. The preferences are listed like this. I just love it. I found out fast. It’s a hyperdub version of a menu. I know already exactly what I want. And that is the thing about personal preferences. You have to know WHO YOU ARE. Otherwise YOU HAVE NONE.


The names are different but I’m hundred percent sure there is a submarine pig somewhere. Fatty tuna, extra fattie tuna..white tuna…what’s next pal I’m waiting and I hear ….. *crickets*….






Tuna Tartare.



A clever way to fry your Asparagus. ‘Cause God knows it is too hard to eat…here it is done with a japanese cracker fried up.


This was once exotic food to me once but I was like 2 years old. Now that I am much older it is total “normie” japanese food. Who even orders Shrimp tempura nowadays seriously. Can someone make it into normie status like french fries or something like this. I want to eat like 90000 of them in a bread basket.


No you are not looking at a picture of red lace you moron!!! Raw shades of Kobe Beef. Where’s the sauce though, ok one minute jesus.


Okay here it is. And what’s up with my attitude? Uhm have you heard? I’ve just been edited. There is other stuff I need to air out but I cannot. Blame it on my last post seriously because it was not my personal choice. Ha.


There is a part 2 I promise! There was too many photos to edit. I have to clear my thoughts before I finish up so I will be back with the sequel. Keep your heads up my followers on instagram (uhhhhh what followers I have like 2 now!!!!!!) …. Send me the dirt anyhow I will internalize it. Trust me I can handle it. And if you are going through mental murder. You should try and e-mail me. I keep secrets I am not like women of 2014.

I am adding this thread to an already published snippet. I am now wondering…what this link is really about. I don’t have the answers but I am confused and want to figure out what that is. Listen I’m not even going to spin it because I’m not allowed to. I came to you today with a bunch of pictures of food from a first world country fully paid with loaded greenbacks. But someone can always explain it to me via e-mail.