(Vintage, Louboutin Shoe)
Some things;

  • I have recently set up my twitter account, please join for updates on both the imagefeed and regular content .
  • My associate and I have also been thinking about an effective way to do a “once a week” or “twice a week” fashion show that could somehow be integrated into this blog. I guess I’ve “sort of” been doing that through the clothes I show, but would like to implement this “continuous” fashion show idea, where there are no seasons or collections-it would be nice to be able to release the clothes within a short amount of time of presenting it….Smaller dosages at a speedier pace. I like this idea of creating clothes without a theme, ending, or obvious concept, and without time constraints, like one idea blending into another. The internet is a far more effective and grassroots way of showing clothing; publishing web content is the speediest and the most mobile way to share information and creativity. To learn more read “Luxirare Manifesto
  • If I have not responded to your comment..apologies! I want to try and respond to everyone which is why I set up the comments section so I can reply right under your thoughts/questions. If you have an important question like where I bought something or how I did something, I will respond ASAP. Thank you so much for taking the time out to leave your comments. I will try my best acknowledge them.
  • Check out my image feed section, I update here very often. Not only are there inspiration images, but personal content will be shared as well.
  • Wondering if there are any criticisms about the new design of the blog? So far I’ve heard either wonderful things or that the format is confusing..Please let us know if you have any suggestions on ways to improve it..